Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Theatre! part 2

This what I have been painting for the past two days. It is a very large picture frame. The muslin in the center is going to be lit and actors are going to do a scene in silo et.


There I am up in the Gennie, painting. It is great machine, a little scary till you get your "sea legs" up there. But alot of fun!
I have really enjoyed being back at the theatre this week. Loved being around my good friends , laughing and catching up. This show opens on Friday. So that will end my time with them for now. I have no regrets on leaving this job. And its been nice doing what I love and not having all the pressure of being the one in charge. amy


closed account said...

Hi Amy, just poppes in to say hello, get the kettle on then!!
just read all your posts again, i am so impressed, your talent is just amazing, and to be in amongst all the buzz of the theatre must be so amazing, lucky ducky you are, and with such a lovely family to come home to after that must be a blessing indeed. I so wish you lived near me, we would have such a laugh together, oh well such is life, at least I can keep in touch through this blog...and e-mail, of which I have not been doing much of lately, oh yes !!!while I remember,what's this, giving away artist secrets about when stuff is ready,!!!!!ugh
love that big frame, is your neck sore and your shoulders?
I would love to be up in that machine, and I can't even stand heights, but would do it all the same,
What paintings are you doing just now at home, and what type of oils d you use, my daughter bought me some russiam watercolouers last , shame the cost a bit of miney too, but I don't like the finish on them at all, don't have the heart to trll her, so I just keep using them, but you know yourself sometimes the best are not the most expencive, in fact I bought a little palette at a local food store, they sell other stuff too, they only cost me 1 pound and 50 pence, they were amazing, couldn't believe it....but now I am going back to oils, have'nt used them for a long time, so will go and have a little nosey at my local art supplies store first, then decide....
ok Mrs I am off to bed now, it's 11pm here and I am up early for school tomorrow, it's been raing here all day, just fed up with it now, hope tomorrow is sunny,makes me feel like doing more painting, my furniture is still not finished, and YES i have started it !!!3 coats later and i am note sure now about the colour, but once my wax goes on it takes on a deeper shade , so will just stick with it now, i have chosen a pale blue and oak cream,and will be doing the whole of the dining room set in this colourway,
I found a lovely green very deep nearly emerald, I'm desperate to use that one soon,,, ok going now, will pop back soon, thanks for the coffee, next time Can I have a bisciut with it though, or a cookie, is that what you call them..
loads and loads of love, kath xxx
meant to say , have you ever researched your family tree?, it is great fun, I have gone back to 1735, but just did my fathers , father, fathers side, not he female side yet, I found the beautiful Farmhouse they lived in, it was just amazing will post about it one day soon...

closed account said...

he he that was a short comment , wasn't it,,,lol x

tess said...

that looks like an amazing theatre set, you must feel really proud to be involved!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hi Amy,
The huge frame is beautiful. Don't you just love faux painting things? Many years ago I worked out of a gennie/manlift thing. I painted a wall sign on a corrugated metal building. It took days; the letters were 5' tall. And yes, it took a while to get my "sea legs". It was quite jerky when I moved it down to do the next two letters, etc. Glad not to do it anymore.
Hugs, Laura from Amongst The Oaks