Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break

Hello, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I am still enjoying mine.
My children are on Easter break for the rest of this week and we have been having such a nice time. I will be back soon, but I really want to have every second I can with them.
The weather has been perfect . I have been in the yard working away. And, right now we have cousins over for the day. We love our cousins.
I will post with more portrait updates and more art I have done over this sweet break.
Enjoy ! amy

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter ! and Shake Your Tail Feathers !

I know this handsome fellow may not have anything to do with bunny's or Easter chicks. But, I was so impressed with his ability to prove his love for the very sweet lady, he was courting. Love was most truly in the air. And , I feel terrible that I did not get a better picture of her. I am sure she has a very good personality and will make the best Mom ever.
And , well my goodness she was so pas say , as this fine fellow did his very best to get her to notice him, she must also be very picky.
This all took place at a most wonderful place , here in Richmond, called Maymont Park. This 100 acre park takes care of the most amazing animals, in a way that makes you feel good when you leave. They are all kept in the most natural habitats that can be provided. You feel like they really are happy in their homes. ( often I feel really bad when I leave zoo's ) Most of their animals are rescued animals , but not all.
Now , we are not talking lions, tigers , but we are talking bears, oxen, and deer to name a few. And, a really lovely petting zoo, for children. I am really looking forward to going soon to meet the new lambs & baby goats. Too cute. And it is all free. But, I support them , as I am able to. I wish I could do more.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Portrait Update

Moving along. Adding color. I still need to do more work on the Mom ( Leslie) , but I am liking how Maria is looking.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

About Being Brave

You may have noticed the badge that I have added to my blog, the very pretty one that reads, One Thing, Be Brave. So simple, are these words, but how hard they can be to follow.

I found Jessie's blog last week and without any second thoughts, I joined her in the commitment to be Brave. After all , when I started my own blog, one of my statements and great desires was to rid myself of fear. I wrote about fear way back on Dec. the 21st. Knowing that it was the number one thing that was holding me back. Holding me back, but why, what am I afraid of?
So many things :
I guess the # 1 fear is, can I do this ?
#2- what if I can't
#3- rejection (no more need be said about that)
#4- will it hurt ? my heart & soul
#5- time
#6- and yes, I must say this, it is a reality , CAN I MAKE A LIVING , DOING MY OWN ART ????
#7 - will I let the people who Love me down ?

O.K. :) that is my list. It really is not as long as I thought it would be and I really thought about this. I am sure that if you are an artist & you are reading this, you can totally relate to my list. So, this was very good. I now have written down the things that scare me.

# 7- Is very important to me. Because, I have been an artist my whole life and I am blessed with the most wonderful people, who are wanting only the best for me. They have seen my art for a very long time and can not believe I am not the" most successful artist in the world!", ( that is not what they think, but some times it feels that way.)
Now lets be real. These are the family and friends who , and I so blessed by this, that REALLY LOVE me !! So, back to reality, what they see is a good thing. Because, I will of course never be the most amazing artist in the world. But, they are right in that, I should at the very least be able to make a living with " my own art".
I say my own art, because, if you have read my blog, you will know that I have had the great pleasure to paint for others professionally. As a scenic painter. I felt very powerful as an artist.
I could look at the designers elevations, and would know right away how to handle what they wanted. I could take non- painters and walk them threw what had to be done. I could teach as I completed the work for the show. I could.... and this is very important... paint in front of crowds of people. I loved it very much. I look at movies to this day as a scenic, one that I would have loved to work on was Nanny McPhee , (I am sure I spelled wrong) That was a most magical movie. Anyway, I also love my own art. VERY much

So, what holds me back, when I do my own work? Where is the confidence ?Where is the girl that can stand in front of a crowd and paint, with so much joy ? When you paint scenery, you are never alone. Unless it is 1:00 in the morning .
I have done many a portrait.
Many a interior design job. Faux Finish , marbre, was my favorite.

This is what I will be working on.
My first job is to work on TIME. I have learned from Lovely Jessie to is to have a montrah ,

Mine to start with is " THERE IS PLENTY OF TIME "
sounds simple, but , I feel I am always saying
"I need to slow down time, "how can it be today ?
Things are going to fast for me. "

So , I am now enjoying, TODAY, every last minute of it, and I have plenty of time !

What I am doing today that is Brave ?
I am going to introduce myself to Jessie , who is the lovely lady that inspired this post.

Monday, March 17, 2008


You need to know, that , I am 1st. generation Scotch, Irish and mostly Irish. I could give a flaming " i do not care for this holiday !!" It is really not very Irish, in my book. Sorry !!!

I looked for corned beef today , to make corn beef cabbage & fried potatoes. I looked at my favorite store on Saturday also. But, the butcher said they didn't have any , check back on Monday. That is today, and still no corned beef. Well , I decided I was not going to chase all over for corned beef.
So, we are having my semi famous potato soup, nice sausages and Irish soda bread. That is a very Irish meal. Yummy and I have everything I need for it. So, that makes it the perfect Irish meal.

Not, so sure about this PINK background. I will let it stay awhile, but I am sure it will change.

Now, I would like to share with you the lovely Tea Party Rowan & I had yesterday. We first decided on one of my favorite teapots, Little Red Riding Hood. She is very special and perfect for a little girl tea party. Our guests were the little girls that live across the street.
We made chocolate cupcakes with orange cream frosting, made with real butter, yum! There were maraschino cherries in a pretty glass bowl , passed around to pop in your mouth. And, homemade strawberry sorbet, yum.
Then, we made the lovely, glittery shamrock pins you see the girls waring in the first pictures above.The pattern was from the lovely Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. We made ours and they were a great hit. Thank you so much Vanessa. :) It was a very sweet weekend !

Friday, March 14, 2008

Drawing Today

The beginning of a portrait I started today. Here I am just starting to ink it in. Next I will add color, watercolor. Things will began to get looser as I add the color.
This is a long over due portrait of my best friend Leslie & her daughter, Maria. "Happy Birthday Les," I love ya.
We seem to have the reading to your child theme happening . But, that's a good thing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mother & Child Portrait

This a portrait I did of myself and Hannah. I was pregnant with Rowan here. Today I am going to be working on two portraits. Both will be of Moms with their child.
Have a lovely Tuesday . Amy

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today is my sisters Birthday

Anna Bridget Kathleen Gethins Leach, check her out here ,she is 18 months older than me. The oldest of 7 children.
She is everything that a big sister should be. Very strong , with a Beautiful karma. She was my voice for a long time, as I was shy and she seemed to know what was best for me. She is an actress and am an artist. When we were young she would push me forward, she would speak up for me and by doing this she helped my art flourish. She gave me confidence, "you can do that".She helped me see all the wonderful possibilities in the world and the strength that will grow inside you from doing what you love.
Her husband , Greig Leach,(, who is also an artist, so talented, you will be blown away by his art, are getting ready to make N.Y. their permanent home , they have had a flat there for close to a year. They have been traveling back and forth and have had to spend too much time apart, but now they have decided to go for it. Their 2 sons are all grown . They will rent out their home here and stay in N.Y. , for their art. That's my sister !!!

This is Bridget in the play Scapino, she plays the Italian father , Argente . My sister in "Drag" ! She was amazing, when I see her on stage, well I get chills all over. This was a particular treat for me, because it was the 1st. time we worked together professionally. I painted the scenery for this play.

Bridget, my Beautiful Sister, Happy Birthday ! Thank you, I Love You So much ! your sister, Amy

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom !

Today my Mom is 70 years old. Happy Birthday Marmee ! She is Granny Pat, she loves movies, she calls and will ask if any of my kids want to go to the movies, she does this often.
She quilts, she goes on quilting retreats.
She is a beautiful Catholic, it is part of her, she has a gift for giving St. Gerard Metals, if someone is trying to get pregnant. He is the patron St. of expecting Mothers.
She says her rosary.
She goes on silent retreats.
She is the Mother of 7, I am 2nd oldest.
She loves to drive.
She loves to read.
She is where I got my art.
I Love talking to her.
I love just sitting at her house and watching a movie and talking.
I love going on road trips with her.
I LOVE this Wonderful Lady !!!!

I have alot of March people in my life. My Mom, my big sister and a great deal of my closest friends are all Pieces those lovely March people. I am a September girl, a Virgo. And one day I said" I need to meet a March man. I get along so well with these people born in March !" and what do you know, I met Philip, born March 19. We were married within a year of meeting each other.

So, welcome March ! Inter like a lion . With your windy days and you signs of Spring. Welcome, you beautiful March people, the new and the old ! amy