Friday, March 27, 2009

~A Lovely Visit ~

~Rowan, getting her hair cut~ March 14, 2008
~Rowan's hair cut 2 years ago~

~I can't believe its been 10 days since my last post ! I have been a busy "little nut-burger"~ I don't know where to start.~
~But, I think I will start with the pictures I have posted here of my little Ms. Rowan.~ on March 14, she got her 2nd. real hair cut.~ The first was 2 years ago almost to the day.~ As you can see I documented the hair cut.~ I took pictures of the 1st. time too.~ They look pretty much the same as these.~ Same beautician too.~ Well, the very lovely thing about Rowan cutting her hair is that she donates it to Locks of Love. The 1st. cut harvested 12" of hair and this time she was able to give 11". ~ That's 23" at the age of 8.~ I am so proud of her.~ Look closely at the 3rd. picture & you can see her happy face reflected in the mirror.~ ~ She told me as we were leaving the salon~~
" I'm going to do this every time~you know~ grow my hair~ cut it~ and give it to the children that need it.~again & again.~ :) ~Nadia, Rowan and Hannah~ Maymount Park~

~ This past weekend ~ I had a wonderful visit from Paula, a friend I had not seen in 25 years !!!~ She lives in N.C. and owns a restaurant with her husband, called the 501 Diner. She brought her 13 year old daughter Nadia, my Hannah is 14, so that worked out nicely.~ It was a 2 night sleep over. ~ So, much fun, visiting, remembering, eating.~ Funny , how when you get together with old girlfriends, its like you never were apart.~
~ We drove out to Leslie's house in the country Sat. evening for more yummy food. Leslie, Paula & I were all at V.C.U together studying art.~

~Sunday we visited Maymont Park and fed the baby goats. Just, so cute !~

~These sweet little baby's are a sure sign of "SPRING !" ~ Their little tails wag so happily as they nurse~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~Happy St. Patrick's Day~

~Irish love & Blessings to you & yours~


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


~My mind has just been full of ideals lately~ all of these fun images keep dancing around up there, in my" little ol noggin". And, I am so excited that this last set is done & the show is up & running. I was painting on the set over these past few weeks~Narnia~ it opened on Friday.
~yeah~ so now I am pulling out the etching press that I bought for myself~Oh, about this time last year. I love etchings, but, it has been about 15 years since I have made one. Truth be told, I have all, but forgotten the process. But, I have been reteaching myself. Anyway~ once you are set up & get the necessary materials together, than, well you are good to go. ~I have decided to not use the acid bath process, here at home, for obvious reasons. But, you can still get a very nice print just using dry point~that is when you are actually drawing on a zinc plate with a metal styles(not sure if I spelled that right).
I will be sure to show you the process once I am set up.
The painting here is a water color~ but, the line work, done with pen & ink, are very much like what you will get with an etching.Oh, and the piece that I posted for Valentines Day of my son, is an etching. Actually it was the last etching I made. Time fly's~
~So, I am off to buy my ink & lovely cotton paper.
~have a wonderful Tuesday~

Monday, March 9, 2009

~Monday, Monday~

~Bridget in the movie~"Iron Jawed Angels"~
~My maid of honor & sister, Bridget, on my wedding day~ I love this picture of us.

~Monday,Monday, wish in heart in was Sunday~
~Drinking buttermilk all the week.~
~Whiskey on a Sunday.~
~That was a little Irish "ditty" that my dad used to sing.~It seems very appropriate for today. On this first Monday of "Springing forward". I was very much asleep & having a nice dream when 6:00a.m. came this morning.~
~It is hard to believe that just last Monday it was all a winter wonderland & we had three snow days.~And, this weekend, we enjoyed the loveliness of spring weather.~
Today is my sister Bridget's 50th birthday. Yesterday she had a wonderful celebration. Her house was filled to the brim with loving friends & family.I could not help but look around and feel so very proud of just how loved my big sister is. But, not at all surprised. Bridget or her full name~Anna Bridget Kathleen Bernadette Gethins Leach~ for real, that is her full name. Anyway, she is one of those people who light up the room with her spirit. A true lover of life, she is an actress and a writer. She is always working on a project.
~Yesterday, her home was wall to wall with wonderful people, mostly theatre folks and artists. Everyone brought yummy food, they also brought their, love & laughter. It was a day to treasure.
~Happy Birthday Sister~
you & Barbie ROCK !

Sunday, March 1, 2009


~Just a quick note~ Sunday, March the 1, 2009~

~Note~ We have SnOw!!!!~We are SOOOO ExCiTeD !!~
~I know that lots of my bloggy friends have had~Mountains of Snow~
~But~ here in Richmond Virginia~ we have not~
~Rowan, has never had a Snow Day from school~ the last time it snowed around
here, really well~ was like, 4 years ago~
~I am completely in love this Snow~

~BiG SmiLe~