Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Dandy

Tomorrow is Thursday , it has been a week since I have been here.
I have had the yucky cold & rain, lots of rain in these parts. Plants need to be planted , art needs to be done and "oh my" I have 4 children.
BUT, today I woke up & felt SOOOO much better ! In fact I feel as DANDY as this bouquet of Dandy Lions , Rowan gave me. Dandy Lions, have got to be one of the most wonderful flowers ever,
kids some how no that they can pick as many as they like and you can even make wishes with them, as you blow their seeds across the ground. I can't even begin to count how many Dandy Lions I have received, as a true Gesture of Love. Far more than any other flower. And I have enjoyed all of them. Buttercups are another highly under rated flower. Just think, you can find out if you like butter or wet the bed , just by holding it under your chin. AMAZING!!! Keep them coming Rowan !
The sun was shining. And, the best part, my children were home today (teachers work day), perfect!
Lots of wonderful things were done today.
Backing up a bit. I went to see the Mikado on Friday night, my Mom and oldest daughter came with. It was a great evening, (even with a nasty cold) we ate at the Strawberry St. Cafe and went to the IDR. The show was , well, perfect. Such talented kids, or college students, really amazing. My favorite character was CoCo (spelling) of course. I have been promised good pictures of the set, so we will see. Gilbert & Sullivan , funny , they say they did not like each other much. yet , they needed each other. Neither one did well on there own.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Must Click

  • This is a portrait done in oils. It is about 21x34". I like this kind of pose for a portrait.
  • Sorry,I don't have much more to say here. I have a stinking cold. And my head feels all stuffed up, so stuffed up that my teeth hurt. :( ........... How boring is this post? ..........I will do better. I actually have some fun news coming up. :)
  • amy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Touch Ups

Yesterday ,I was at the V.C.U.'s Performing Arts Building, doing the final bits for the Mikado set. I tried to take pictures, but they came out very dark. But, I can tell you , the set looked very elegant. Cherry blossom trees, you can't go wrong with that. I am going to take Hannah,( my 13 year old) and my Mom to the show Friday night. It only runs for two nights. Friday is the IDR, (invitational dress rehearsal.) IDR's are usually the night before the opening show. And most theaters want audiences, to "warm" up the actors, it helps with timing etc. And they are FREE! So check into it at your local Theatre.
Today, I am going to work on a drawing that I love, but no one else seems to. And he such a cute little ol fellow. Truly, he does not photograph well. He is an etching, ( oh, to have my very own etching press, & I will , by gum !) but ,I am going to sharpen him up with a bit of pen & ink action. I really like this guy and I want him to do well in my etsy. shop.

The SUN is Shining again! Till we meet again, amy

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rain & Portraits

click picture for detail :)It is raining here. Raining, raining, raining. It has rained for days, I think. Great for the May flowers, but not great for taking pictures of art work outside.
So, I will be posting the final picture of the "Leslie & Maria" portrait when the rain stops.
I love the rain, but today I was to go on a field trip to the zoo, with little Miss Rowan's 1st. grade class. It was postponed, so I went & had lunch with her.
Rain or no rain, we had a very special Sunday at my very , very dear Mother in laws. A large family gathering to celebrate her 90th Birthday! I love it, wonderful people, yummy food! Lots of little ones running around. You can't beat it!
So, I leave you with another portrait, (sorry about the flash). I love this painting. Done in pastels. I love pastels. .....And apparently LOVE to to say the word LOVE..... Good for me:)
Have a LOVE-LY Monday! amy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little More

A little more detail, looking better. Leslie has one of those cute little noses. Please click on the picture to see detail. It really is amazing how many colors you can squeeze into such a small space. ( remember this piece is only 11"x14") And , these photos I am taking are not, true to all that is there. amy

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


These were taken this evening, to dark outside. I just got back from painting on the Mikado set.
I am tired, but I did work on the portrait a bit today. So I wanted to let you see.Even thoe this is a watercolor, I pulled out my trusty Rembrandt pastels. I am working on Leslie's face, her nose is not right yet. But , it is looking better. I am seeing more feeling and life in this painting/drawing now. It is not a large piece, 11"x14".
I think I need to take my Phtalo Blue and put it across the room when I am painting. So , that I can't use it, unless I really need it :).
Well, it is time for me to hobble off to bed now, my a little legs are sore :( . amy

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Mikado

This week I have been painting a set for the Va. Commonwealth University Opera, The Mikado.
Cherry Blossom Trees ! Perfect for spring. As I drive in to paint, I am looking at all the trees & blossoms. I am naturally a very slow driver, even if I am not studying all the trees as I drive to work, I love to drive slowly and look, ( of course I look behind to make sure, I am not getting anyone upset.)
Anyway, I snapped a few pictures before I left. .......These are 14' x 4', there are six of them. I will be sure to get pics. of everything up . These flats will be framed out in a deep reddish brown, so they are Japanese screens. More detail will be added. But, it will be very loose.

I lied, I am not feeling happy with the portrait, I will be working on it first thing tomorrow. The more I look at it. I keep looking at it and it is not done. amy

Monday, April 14, 2008

The finished portrait of Leslie & Maria . I will go back for a little
more detail in pen & ink. But, I am liking it. " have a wonderful Monday"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Popping In

Just a quick " pop - in", to say "Hello" :) !
I have mostly been keeping up with my "drawing a day". But, have not had much time for posting lately.
I am going to try and get better at this. I am almost done with the portrait.
Things have been on hold here as I am painting a set for a friend. She is a wonderful set designer and a very good friend. This set is for V.C.U.'s Opera Department.
Tomorrow should offer me more time to sit at this computer.
Till Tomorrow and have a happy day! Amy

Monday, April 7, 2008

Drawing A day

Two drawings that I really loved doing. I am thinking about doing prints of the "Beach Day " drawing. It was done in pastel. I love the baby in the bloomers. :) amy
Please, click photo to get close up . I really love the baby's bloomers ! Click the boy on the dragon to see his sweet face. Do it, it makes all the differance. :) amy

Friday, April 4, 2008

Computer Says Nooooo !!!

My favorite Wedding Day picture , it was after the wedding :)

O. M . GOOSH, I have spent the last day and a half, with "COMPUTER SAYS NOOOOO !"
It is 10:17 p.m. , my time. And today is my "Happy Anniversary !"
But.... yesterday ,I spent a very large amount of time on my computer., with tecks, because every time I tried to go to the internet...
So, there I was with my art all ready to post but..."COMPUTER SAYS NOOOO !"
Really it was saying 'Timed Out " when I would try to log on.
Verizon techs had me in the guts of my machine, but nothing. They recommended a more help. Which, I thought o.k. , I deserve this. I did not listen to my gut, that was saying, "you need to take care of your computer."
So, today, "My Happy Anniversary" , 17 years, and we had a lovely day. And , I had plans of talking about my anniversary. BUT !
I did not want to deal with computer things on my anniversary, my husband only no's how to turn a computer off.
But, he loves what I am doing.
Anyways, I called a few places, and 99.00, an hour ! Oh my! Not today, says I !

My darling & I had a wonderful lunch at the Strawberry Street Cafe, I waited tables there, in the 80's. Really cool place ,"bath tub salad bar" . It was a really sweet day. We walked talked...tried not to think about "Computer Says Nooo!" Really enjoyed the pretty day......But, later !
I am so amazed ! Because, the Daddy (my husband ), went to go pick up our Gabriel from work, and I went across the street to talk at our friends & my goodness!
John was like" whats the trouble with your computer ? " O.K., lets go fix it.

I am not kidding, he had everything working in minutes ! THANK YOU JOHN ! I really love my friends. AMAZING !
soooo happy to have my puter back !
But, I am pooped ! (if you have done the goofy things i have done in the past day you will understand.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My first Drawing a Day

Back from our Spring Break. It was so very, very nice. What a break should be.
I started by not letting my kids schedule the week away. You know, "Mom, when are going too....?
Can we....? I want to... Putting my new, " there is plenty of time " theory into practice. I let them know that all suggestions were possible, but we were going to take each day as it came, get up in the morning and do what felt right that day. And you know what , it worked. We had a lovely week and alot of fun.

Big news for me! I sold me first print on etsy !!! I just about fell out of my chair. Oh my, that felt good. ( not the falling out of my chair part, but the saleing something part :)
So, I just sent it off today. I should have sent it yesterday, but I kept fussing over it. My heart is still shaking. I hope she likes it.

I have also started my" drawing a day" habit. I am famous for putting all my focus on one project.
So, now I will be completing a piece of art a day. It may be a drawing or painting or what ever. But, the important thing is to call it done. So they will be small. And then they will be put in my shop at etsy.
The little ink sketch above is the first. It was sent with my esty order as a thank you gift, for being my very first customer.
Tomorrow, the finished portrait. :) Amy