Friday, April 4, 2008

Computer Says Nooooo !!!

My favorite Wedding Day picture , it was after the wedding :)

O. M . GOOSH, I have spent the last day and a half, with "COMPUTER SAYS NOOOOO !"
It is 10:17 p.m. , my time. And today is my "Happy Anniversary !"
But.... yesterday ,I spent a very large amount of time on my computer., with tecks, because every time I tried to go to the internet...
So, there I was with my art all ready to post but..."COMPUTER SAYS NOOOO !"
Really it was saying 'Timed Out " when I would try to log on.
Verizon techs had me in the guts of my machine, but nothing. They recommended a more help. Which, I thought o.k. , I deserve this. I did not listen to my gut, that was saying, "you need to take care of your computer."
So, today, "My Happy Anniversary" , 17 years, and we had a lovely day. And , I had plans of talking about my anniversary. BUT !
I did not want to deal with computer things on my anniversary, my husband only no's how to turn a computer off.
But, he loves what I am doing.
Anyways, I called a few places, and 99.00, an hour ! Oh my! Not today, says I !

My darling & I had a wonderful lunch at the Strawberry Street Cafe, I waited tables there, in the 80's. Really cool place ,"bath tub salad bar" . It was a really sweet day. We walked talked...tried not to think about "Computer Says Nooo!" Really enjoyed the pretty day......But, later !
I am so amazed ! Because, the Daddy (my husband ), went to go pick up our Gabriel from work, and I went across the street to talk at our friends & my goodness!
John was like" whats the trouble with your computer ? " O.K., lets go fix it.

I am not kidding, he had everything working in minutes ! THANK YOU JOHN ! I really love my friends. AMAZING !
soooo happy to have my puter back !
But, I am pooped ! (if you have done the goofy things i have done in the past day you will understand.)


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful fine art
love your shop and your blog

mary WATSON said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Breathtaking!
The portrait of the eldery man is so lifelike! Love it! Love it! See you Wed at ballet!

Jessie said...

happy anniversary and happy working computer!! :) i'm glad that all looks like smooth sailing from here on out. ;)

i love that photo. you two look like you have a lot of fun together. :)

artsyclay said...

hi from etsy.
what an adorable photo! Your art is wonderful.