Wednesday, April 29, 2009


~I just had to show you how the Mother Mary looked when she was on stage.~ They lit her from behind~ & that just made her look so wonderful~ it is hard to believe that it is just a painting on canvas~it really looked like real stained glass.~
~For me~ this is the magic of theatre~ when everyone & everything comes together like this.~Lots of hard work~ for two nights of opera.
~I felt terrible that I did not have a photo of the set all lit~ lighting makes all the difference~ so, I went very early Monday morning down to V.C.U.~I just realized that I didn't tell you that this was for the V.C.U. Opera Theatre~ anyway~ I went very early Monday morning, hoping to get a least a few pictures.~ And~ the stage was cleared~ I mean empty~ they must have been up all night striking the the set.~ they only had a 2 night run.~ Sunday night was their last show.~ and Bam !~ everything was gone.~the stage is shared withe the VCU orcastra, classes are taught there, ect....~
~I was heartbroken.~ so, I walked into the theatre office & asked if they had taken pictures.~ And, a voice from the secrtaries office~Linda~ seid~ yes, I took the pictures.~
~I love wonderful secretaries like Linda~ they just mezmerize me. So, organized, in her world, there in her office~ she has the answers to all the questions.~
~ Bless Linda's Heart~ she sure made my day~
~So, these are some of the pictures she emailed me.~

~Thank you Linda~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

~11 Days Later~

~the Mother Mary~ painted to look like a stained glass window~

~the actors changing the set~ see the Mary painting peeking out, over the bed.~
~back stage~ before the painting was hung~

~3 of the 6 panels painted~
~Just look at my beautiful new look !~ What a pretty new banner & background~
~And look~ i have 3 columns~ I have had "3 column envy" for sometime now~
~But~ I didn't know how to make it happen.~
~I have the amazing Annette, at Huckleberry Arts to thank for all of it.~~~Annette, is so very talented with computer design~ I was completely amazed by how quickly she put all this together for me.~But~ more than that~ she has incredible instincts about the person she is designing for~ Annette took the time to get the right feeling for my blog.~ All I did was send her pictures of my art.~Told her the colors I loved and she took it from there.~I can't believe how well she read my personality & style.~ When I first saw my new look~ I was "~oh my~ this is so me~" Thank you Annette~ Thank you so much~ you very clever lady!~~~So, if you are looking to have your bloggy revamped & don't know where to start~ I have to tell you~ Go, ask the lovely Annette~at Huckleberry Arts~~~

~I have had my lovely new look for more than a week now~~~and~~~again I was to busy to sit down & make this post~~~I know I promised to be a better blogger~~~But~ "Tis the season of theatre openings~ I have gone from one show to the next~ with no "down time" between.~

~The pictures I have posted are of an Italian opera that opens tonight.~ Actually, two one acts~ The first is a very sad opera, called "Suor Angelica" ~I painted the Mother Mary for that opera~ she was painted to look like a stained glass window~ I didn't get a picture of her up yet~but,I saw her up last night~ they lit her from behind & she looked so pretty~ like real stained glass~
~The second one act opera is called~"Gianni Schicchi"~ a comedy~ so, they make you cry, then make you laugh.~ For that opera I hand stamped the fabric you see here. ~60 feet of it, it is 4' 6" wide.~ the fabric was hung as bed curtains ,around that big canopy bed.~
~the set had to be designed to work for both operas~ w/ a quick switch in the furnishings at intermission.

~the next show will be "Willy Wonka & the Chocolet Factory".~

~But~ oh so thankfully~ I will have the next week to, to do all the other stuff that I do.~ before stating that show~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


~Here is the set to the musical ~Normal~on stage now at, Stage 1 Theatre Company~ Richmond Va.~
~All white walls~gray floors~windows and these happy family portraits done on plexy glass.~
~A simple set for a very emotional play.~
~The story is about a once "normal happy" family turned dysfunctional~ then their struggle to pull themselves back together, when they learn that their teenage daughter has an eating disorder.~
~Pretty heavy stuff~ and a subject that has touched many lives.~ In the end they do manage to succeed.~~"Normal is a contemporary rock musical that offers ultimate hope in an uncertain world."~~ It has been receiving excellent reviews.~
and if you are in the Richmond area~ you should see it~ But, bring tissues.~

I am ~ hopefully~ adding a clip from the play.(i have never added a video)
~Just showing you the "plain" set without the lights , the music and the actors. ~Well~ dull~
~So, watch this set come to life~ the actors in the play are incredible.~

Friday, April 10, 2009

~Happy Easter~

~Look its my bloggy!~ and where has that Amy Sullivan been ?~ Does she think that this poor little blog can create its own posts all by its self?~Silly Amy~ What were you thinking?~ A blog needs love & attention.~ It can't survive here in bloggyland all by itself.~ Poor, poor bloggy.~ Sad, really.~ Just look at the dust !~ ~ "Who's going to clean up this mess?"~~
~I will~ "and who are you ?"~~~ I am Amy Sullivan~~~"Oh, well where have you been?"~~ just look at this blog !~~~you can't just abandone your bloggy like this & exspect your friends to come here~~ what,, your last post was like...March the 27th~~~and, you have dear friends still dropping by and for what??~ Shame on you Amy !~~~
~~~I am sorry~ really I am~~~ can you ever forgive me?~~ I have just had so much going on.....good stuff, not so good stuff.~~ all of it needing my attention.~~~I promise, I will do better !!!~Really, I will !~~~~

~What~ do you think your the only blogger out there with a busy life?~ What~ about all those blogs you love reading?~ they are busy too ~ and yet, they find time for their blogs~ What if all bloggers were like you?~ Then where would bloggyland be?~
~~Well, alright~ we will give you one more chance~ and, you had better come up with some *REAL* nice posts~ or your out of here!!~~~

~~Thank you, thank you ,,I will be a better blogger~ really I will !!~

~so, what are you going to blog about today?~

~Well~ Gabriel(my son), took my camera to the beach w/ him this weekend~
~so, I can't upload any pictures of the set I just finished painting.~ or~ the etching I have been working on~~~
~But~ hey, I can photo shop a cute picture of Rowan that is already on my computer.~~~And~

~Wish Everyone, A Happy & Blessed Easter !!!~~

~well, I guess since it is Easter~ a very Blessed and Beautiful time of year, And a time for New Beginnings~ that would be lovely ~ but, you better be back here on Monday, with some really good stuff~~~~