Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Willy Wonka~

~for some reason~i am not able to get any pictures to post~today~So, i must rely on the written word today~

~So~ another 10 days or so have passed since my last post~Must mean I am painting another set~

~I have been~ this one is for the Christian Youth Theatre~"Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"~
~I truly love working with this theatre~all the actors are children, ages 5or6 to 18~And, if you are a parent with a child in the show~you are committed to work on the set in one way or another~building,painting,costumes,promotions,props,set changing during the show~then they have fund raisers, auctions,selling concetions & crafts~& so much more~
~I am completely blown away by these wonderful parents, who happily, mind you~they really do seem to be enjoying themselves~give up like 5 to 6 Saturdays in a row~plus they come in on Thursday & Friday nights from 6-9, to work on these sets.~
~I was hired to guide them in the painting of the sets.~Some have painting skills, most do not~
~But, no worry's, they happily take on any task I give them and are genuinely pleased to learn about the scenic painting process.~And~ they do an amazing job.~Everything is looking fabulous~
~And~this is a BIG,BIG show~designed by Arther(don't know how to spell his last name,I will add it later)~so, a BIG set, with lots of fun stuff~"Very Wonka"~Arther, has been there side-by-side~ working with everyone.~It really is an ultimate in family fun.~Seeing everything come together~Very satistying~& one of the things I love about working in theatre~
~BUT~ these parents~ REALLY AMAZING !!!~
~Willy Wonka, opens this coming Friday~

Monday, May 18, 2009

~Great Way to Start the Day~

~I am posting this video~ because it is just WoNdErFuL !~ i saw it on Gritty Jane's bloggy~
~ take a minute & watch it~
~What a Great way to start the Day~
~How dull our world would be without the arts~


Sunday, May 10, 2009


~Blessings on this lovely day~


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~The Perfect Day~

~I love, love this picture of Rowan & her Daddy~

~this past Sunday~May, 3rd. 2009~ Rowan received her First Holy Communion.~and~ I just wanted to share a few moments of that day with you.~
~It really was a perfect day~and~ I'm not talking about the weather.~Which was one of those sunny rainy days, I like very much.~ I am talking about the feeling of the day~ it was filled with excitement & joy.~
~We had to be at Our Lady of Lourdes, all dressed pretty by 8:00am, for the 8:30 mass.~ I was so, excited that I had troubles falling asleep.~ I had stayed up & finished making Rowan's vial.~By the time I went to bed~ the excitement of the next day, had already set in.~
But, we made it.~just slightly late~
~The mass was beautiful~all the children receiving communion that day~took part in the mass, by bringing the gifts to the alter or giving a reading.~Shari K., who runs the Religious Education Program, did a wonderful job making this mass one that you could never forget.
~And, when Rowan walked up to Father Bob & received her First Communion, I did get very teary & a great feeling of happiness filled my heart.~It was just so very lovely.~
~After a cake & punch celebration at the church, we all met at Strawberry Street Cafe~where we made reservations for brunch.~The celebration continued with family.~
~ It truly was a perfect day~ it was perfect, because it unfolded before us so lovingly.~
~Thank You Jesus~ I Love You~