Friday, May 7, 2010

~To Pick or Not to Pick~

~"That is the Question !"~
~After driving my son to work very early this morning, I stepped out of my car, to a wonderful smell.~ I followed my nose across my yard to these gorgeous irises, that opened a day ago. They are a beigey , green color, very old fashion in style, very ruffled petals.~The blossoms were so heavy that they were leaning almost to the ground.~I planted them 2 years ago, wish I knew what they were called.~ Then I walked over to my peony's, another wonderful smell.~"Hmmmm, to pick or not to pick?" ~We always pick the magnolia blossoms & put them in a bowl, sweet lemony smell.~Poor Iris broke while I was trying to take her picture.~So, into the bowl.~
~I think the answer is BOTH.~~~~Well, I am painting sets tonight,"Peter Pan"~ so I need to put my "paint clothes" on~ I wouldn't want to get paint on my favorite overalls.~ LOL~
~This weekend is going to be full to the brim.~amy~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


~Cinderella Set~

~Rowan, all dressed for the "Fairy Tale Ball, last weekend~"Sound of Music" theme.~
~My oldest son Gabriel w/ Vicky~at the ball~"aren't they sweet?~
I haven't been here in forever.~Time just keeps getting away from me.~
And, when I come by & think I need to leave a post~ I just freeze. What will I write?~I can talk about, painting sets or homeschooling Rowan or how hard this past February & March were, with the passing of my sweet Mother-in-law, Delma & how much I miss her.~
But, I say nothing.
~So, I'm going to "Slowly" come back to my bloggy.~ I have just started painting on a new set~"Peter Pan" !~ I have been working in my yard & learning how to teach my little girl, who is dyslexic.~I am also dyslexic, you just learn differently, you are smart, you just see things in ways others do not.~Well, it has been a journey, but I must say, I am glad that I am taking it with Rowan.~
~Here are a few pictures, taken over the past few months.~<3~"SLOWLY"~