Friday, January 28, 2011


~This little dollhouse was a Christmas present for Rowan.~ It is a Corona Dollhouse Kit~ I bid on it on ebay.~ 23 $~ There were quite a few to bid on~ I think people buy them, but never get around to putting them together.~ What a lucky little girl Rowan is~ her dad is a cabinetmaker !~ Philip is doing a beautiful job putting her little cottage together & he really is enjoying himself.~ It will be done soon, then Rowan & I will paint it.~Then the fun of decorating ~ so many decisions to make.~ There is a dollhouse store just down the street from us.~But, we plan on making a lot of our own tiny things to put in it.~ And, we need to find a little family to live in it.~ I'll keep taking pictures along the way.~

~GIVEAWAY !~ not here, yet~ over at German Dolls~ she makes the sweetest dolls, Waldorf style, & doll clothes~ I have just found her blog today.~But, I will be visiting there often.~Go, sign-up !~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

~tiny sweater for Sweetest, little guy~

~tiny sweater, that I knitted for my sister, Bronwyn's sweet baby boy, Dominic.~ He was born on Dec. 30, 2010~ 3 weeks early.~ 4lbs.7oz.~ I can tell you, it is very hard to find preemie clothes~ I was amazed, I went from store to store & managed to find only 3 outfits.~Then I decided I needed to knit a sweet little sweater for Dom.~I had to make up my own pattern, but it came together pretty quickly.~
~My beautiful sister Bronwyn & her precious little, baby boy~ 2 weeks old here.~Look how beautiful they are.~

~Bronwyn is in her quiet baby world~her days & nights are all about baby Dom~I am in awe of her.~She went in for her regular check-up last year & walked out 9 weeks pregnant !~ She turned 44 in Nov.~ Dominic is her 4th. child~ Bronwyn's last baby Ella, is 12.~~~~ Isn't she beautiful ?~~~& Baby Dom is just the sweetest little fellow~ so many expressions.~I love listening to her talk to him.~