Monday, June 22, 2009

~Wonka Pictures~

Here are a few pictures from "Willy Wonka". In the last picture you can see how large the cast was, I think something like 85 kids ! Ages 6 to 18~
They were amazing, so talented. It was a very exciting show. Brooke Abrahamsen,the director makes all this magic happen with the kids, she really knows her "stuff"~ how she does it~I don't know? But, she is a pleasure to work with, she is also Artistic Director of CYT.
these pictures were taken by Doug Meacham~ my pictures never turn out this good.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


~I have pictures !~ For the past few weeks when I would try & post pictures, NOTHING, it was very frustrating. ~ But, this morning, "the puter goddess" smiled on me.~
~I am not going to ask "why", I am just going with it.~
~So, I was going to post about the play, Willy Wonka , that I was working on & the Under the Sea Doll Swap~
~But, I was browsing my pictures & "WOW", so much has happened in the past month or so.~ So much I would have blogged about.~

I will save both of those for the next two days.~ Because, both deserve their own posts.~


my last post had no pictures, this one is all about the pictures.