Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Revamp My Heart~

~Oh Goodness !~ For really !~
~We have had some snow here in Richmond Va., yes we have !~ All the snow that we have been wishing for these past, many years.~But, we have gotten it all at once or twice, maybe three times, it's becoming a blur.~ The little snowman tells the story, Rowan made him & with each snow, he just gets better & better looking.~Wish I could say the same for me. ~LOL~Actually, I love snow and everything that comes with it~snowmen , sledding , the thrill of going to the grocery store, with all the other "goof-balls".~
~But, the reality check is painful.~Shows have to go up, so sets need to be painted & we are behind.~ And, oh how hard is it to get into work mode when there are so many gaps in what you neeeed to focus on.~ That's me right now.~
~But, today I took a moment to "Revamp My Heart"~ the wooden Valentine heart that I have been hanging on my door for about 10 years, needed some revamping.~I had Philip cut it out for me & I painted & decorated it.~ I should have taken a before picture, but trust me the gold leaves & berry's were pretty sad looking.It was a kinda Baroque look.~Now, my heart has a new look, pretty !~