Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Revamp My Heart~

~Oh Goodness !~ For really !~
~We have had some snow here in Richmond Va., yes we have !~ All the snow that we have been wishing for these past, many years.~But, we have gotten it all at once or twice, maybe three times, it's becoming a blur.~ The little snowman tells the story, Rowan made him & with each snow, he just gets better & better looking.~Wish I could say the same for me. ~LOL~Actually, I love snow and everything that comes with it~snowmen , sledding , the thrill of going to the grocery store, with all the other "goof-balls".~
~But, the reality check is painful.~Shows have to go up, so sets need to be painted & we are behind.~ And, oh how hard is it to get into work mode when there are so many gaps in what you neeeed to focus on.~ That's me right now.~
~But, today I took a moment to "Revamp My Heart"~ the wooden Valentine heart that I have been hanging on my door for about 10 years, needed some revamping.~I had Philip cut it out for me & I painted & decorated it.~ I should have taken a before picture, but trust me the gold leaves & berry's were pretty sad looking.It was a kinda Baroque look.~Now, my heart has a new look, pretty !~


Susan said...

Very cute. Yep, us Virginia girls just aren't used to this much snow. I still have about 16" on my deck. I hope it can stand the strain. Plus we are getting 60mph winds. Do the best you can and enjoy!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Hi Susan~I'v pretty much been living in my P.J.~lol~well, we all have.~& they are calling for more this weekend !~

Susan said...

We also got alot of snow this season, too much for me! Cant wait for it to melt and I see some signs of Spring.

Your heart is pretty.

Anonymous said...

Your heart is beautiful.

Happy Days,

Debbie said...

The heart plaque came out very pretty with the new paint on it.
I live in Georgia and we got a pretty good supply of snow too.

Steven Harris said...

~~~~hey~ i wish i the best ~ of ~luck in you~r endeavours~ as an artist~~!~! ~HOT ~HOT ~HOT ~HOT!!~~

Dex Green said...

this!~~ is better than my ~tattoo!!!~~~