Friday, January 23, 2009

~I just listed this very romantic angel in my etsy shop~
~Her dress is collaged with a beautiful handmade paper~that I just had to buy~when I saw it~
~It really felt like a fabric~very soft~
~on her heart it says~"How Do I Love Thee?"~She is painted on wood , that I had my husband cut out for me~ and is ready to hang on the wall~
I think she is so pretty.

~Gabriel & I are will be checking out the Art Institute of Washington tomorrow morning~
It is time for that fellow to go to college~ He can't wait!~

~Have a lovely weekend~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~Welcome President Obama~

~Happy Inauguration Day !~ Welcome President Obama !~

~What an amazing Day~ What a Very Wonderful Day~
~ I sat in my living room today watching history being made~ in real time~
~ I, of cause was not alone~ we as a nation~ were watching~
~ I really got a lump in my throat, as our President Elect Obama~ became~ Our, President Obama~

~ I started this painting of President Obama early this morning~ as I began to watch the celebration.~ What a day~ I will never forget this one!~ Anyway, I felt a part of it all as I sat there working on this portrait~
~ I feel that he is pretty much done~ but, I can see things that I need to work on~ his left eye is not quite there yet~ & a few this & that's ~ & I am not sure about the writing that I put on the bottom~
~What do you think?~ any suggestions?~

~But~ most importantly~ I very much wanted to post this painting ~Today!~

~On This Day !~


Sunday, January 11, 2009


~Mike & Shelty~you need to click on this one~ this picture is abit fuzzy~close-up, you can see his face better.
~Reagan at the Farm~

~Two more pictures of portraits that I did for Christmas~
~The cute baby boy pastel painting was a commission~ my darling nephew Chris, had me do it as a gift for his wife. I loved this pose.
~And, the top pencil sketch was a gift from me to my sister-in-law Nancy~ it is a portrait of her husband Mike, my husbands oldest brother. Mike died from pancreatic cancer in July. Mike was just truly one of the most wonderful men I have ever known. He was an engineer & worked for the government for many years, he did cool things ,like help send the first satellites up into space back in the 60's. He was an artist also(in his spare time). He would do things like decide to design & create a large stained glass window for his church, but he had never done stained glass before~ no matter~ he learned, & finished his project. A beautiful large, round window above the alter, blues & greens, a cross in the middle & a white dove over to the side~ Breathtaking!~ He really was a genius, a very kind person. He loved his family, two sons, now fully grown handsome kind fellows with their own beautiful family's.(so these two portraits are grandfather & grandson) And his beautiful Nancy, who this gift was for.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

~Craving the Pencil~

~I am craving simple pencil drawings~ like this one~ line, gesture. I love just drawing~ good paper, nice pencils~ That's what I am doing now~
~Have a lovely weekend~

Monday, January 5, 2009

~The New Year~&~Garrison Keillor~

~The kids are back in school~
~And~~~~I guess it is time to get back to work~ It was such a wonderful holiday~

But~ I have lots of creative ideals for this new year~ Here are just two of the Christmas commissions that were unwrapped on Christmas morning~

~ I am thinking of ways that I can "shake up" my art~ & my art world~~~~~I know that I soon will be busy, working on a new theatre set~ actually~ I believe I will be working on two different sets~ being a free lance scenic has been working very nicely for me~

~I have angels to paint too~ my goodness, I started working on commissions in Nov. ~ so my personal art was set aside~

~I am ready to go~ it is time to pull out all my art supplies & get messy again~I cleaned everything up about 4 days before Christmas and I must say ,It has been real nice to see the top of my dinning room table~ oh well~

~I have to share with you my Big Surprise Gift from my oldest child~Gabriel~
~I was completely over joyed~ when I opened an envelope that he handed to me on Christmas morning~ A TICKET ~ a Ticket to see GARRISON KEILLOR(click) at the Landmark Theatre(click)~ right here in Richmond~ ~~~I have been a Prairie Home Companion fan, for ~so many years~ I can't count~ listening to the wonderful story telling voice & dry wit of Garrison on N.P.R ., Saturdays & Sundays~~~~~~~~Anyway~ Gabriel & I were driving somewhere back in the beginning of Dec.~listening to N.P.R. ~when they announced that Garrison was coming to Richmond~ my heart lept~it would be like seeing the Rolling Stones for me!~But~ with Christmas & our tight budget~ I knew there was No Way~ "oh well", I thought~

~But~ my darling boy~ went on line and made one of his moms dreams come true~
~I still can't believe it!~" I get to go see Garrison Keillor~ I get to go see Garrison Keillor!"~(in a sing song voice)~
~Thank You Gabriel~ You have made your mom so happy~