Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~Welcome President Obama~

~Happy Inauguration Day !~ Welcome President Obama !~

~What an amazing Day~ What a Very Wonderful Day~
~ I sat in my living room today watching history being made~ in real time~
~ I, of cause was not alone~ we as a nation~ were watching~
~ I really got a lump in my throat, as our President Elect Obama~ became~ Our, President Obama~

~ I started this painting of President Obama early this morning~ as I began to watch the celebration.~ What a day~ I will never forget this one!~ Anyway, I felt a part of it all as I sat there working on this portrait~
~ I feel that he is pretty much done~ but, I can see things that I need to work on~ his left eye is not quite there yet~ & a few this & that's ~ & I am not sure about the writing that I put on the bottom~
~What do you think?~ any suggestions?~

~But~ most importantly~ I very much wanted to post this painting ~Today!~

~On This Day !~



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this painting. I LIKE it! And I like the words on the bottom. Wonderful inspiration.


Myrna Wacknov said...

You nailed the features! The spirit is there. I can't wait to do my drawings tonight. Oh, happy days are here again.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's a good portrait for Obama. I couldn't attend the inauguration but I'm positive I didn't. The crowd of people are suffocating.

Leslie Rubio said...

I think it is fantastic Amy! Excellent portrait! I'm with you on all the positive feelings that the Inauguration brought us individually and our country this time around!

God Bless the USA and President Obama!

Antiques and More Blog said...

Your artwork is fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing,

this too will pass said...

a gerat day... nice tribute