Monday, January 5, 2009

~The New Year~&~Garrison Keillor~

~The kids are back in school~
~And~~~~I guess it is time to get back to work~ It was such a wonderful holiday~

But~ I have lots of creative ideals for this new year~ Here are just two of the Christmas commissions that were unwrapped on Christmas morning~

~ I am thinking of ways that I can "shake up" my art~ & my art world~~~~~I know that I soon will be busy, working on a new theatre set~ actually~ I believe I will be working on two different sets~ being a free lance scenic has been working very nicely for me~

~I have angels to paint too~ my goodness, I started working on commissions in Nov. ~ so my personal art was set aside~

~I am ready to go~ it is time to pull out all my art supplies & get messy again~I cleaned everything up about 4 days before Christmas and I must say ,It has been real nice to see the top of my dinning room table~ oh well~

~I have to share with you my Big Surprise Gift from my oldest child~Gabriel~
~I was completely over joyed~ when I opened an envelope that he handed to me on Christmas morning~ A TICKET ~ a Ticket to see GARRISON KEILLOR(click) at the Landmark Theatre(click)~ right here in Richmond~ ~~~I have been a Prairie Home Companion fan, for ~so many years~ I can't count~ listening to the wonderful story telling voice & dry wit of Garrison on N.P.R ., Saturdays & Sundays~~~~~~~~Anyway~ Gabriel & I were driving somewhere back in the beginning of Dec.~listening to N.P.R. ~when they announced that Garrison was coming to Richmond~ my heart lept~it would be like seeing the Rolling Stones for me!~But~ with Christmas & our tight budget~ I knew there was No Way~ "oh well", I thought~

~But~ my darling boy~ went on line and made one of his moms dreams come true~
~I still can't believe it!~" I get to go see Garrison Keillor~ I get to go see Garrison Keillor!"~(in a sing song voice)~
~Thank You Gabriel~ You have made your mom so happy~



Ring by Ring Designs said...

Love your paintings. And what a great gift to see Garrison Keillor. He is just great.
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who is thinking of now as the end of a vacation and that it is time to get back to work and routine.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Thank you Bev~
He is~A~ most Wonderful Child!~ almost ~all grown up~not really~~yet~
~Still, my sweet fellow~I think, Always will be~

Anonymous said...

What a great gift.
Can't wait to read your Blog after you've seen GK...It must be wonderful to be able to paint. Do you children share your creative gift?

Susan said...


What a fun gift. Hope you enjoy the show!


Leslie Rubio said...

Glad you posted the portrait of Victoria-you should post the rest as they were equally as wonderful! I do like the painting of the home also-it's very nice!

Keep your head up and continue to move forward-creating is what you do...

Love you,

Uneekdolldesigns said...

What a nice gift you were given! Congrats and hope you enjoy!

Debbie@ uneekdolldesigns

Pease Porridge said...

I love both of the paintings. Really beautiful.

Yes, those tickets are a pretty penny. I remember hearing about it when he was here and thinking that would be interesting to see. What a very nice gift!


Anonymous said...

Awesome gift, awesome son! Have fun.