Monday, September 29, 2008

Neptune Festival

About two months ago my Bestest Girlfriend, Leslie asked me if I wanted to join her at the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach & enter the annual sand sculpting contest. I said~Sure~

I have known Leslie since we were freshmen at V.C.U.~ hmmm 1979~ we have been friends for 29 years. We were in the art school, we are both little petite lady's. In fact that is the first thing she ever said to me, we were standing in the elevator going up to our rooms~ me all arty, with my gauzy shirts and my Leslie all preppy looking, (she was from Charlettsville) . Anyway~ she looks at me & says, "Hey, do you like being short?" ~ I am like~ what ever, little girl in your plaid pants & matching headband. ~~ Not two long after that there was a situation involving a fellow named Fred~ who apparently liked petite girls. Because one evening Leslie came to my room to let me know that he had asked her out, we were talking about him~ when poor Fred knocked on my door...what a shock for him & the rest is history. ;) Poor, Poor Fred.
Leslie & I have been best friends ever since.~ Our friendship has grown & changed as we have gone about our lives~ but~ we are always there for each other. As you get older corny sayings like "always there for each other" don't seem so corny.

So~ about the contest~ we didn't win~ but we didn't go to win. We went to have fun. Really we did. It was Les's ideal, she has an amazing talent for wipping out sand cat sculptures. She has been making them for years. Les's only daughter Maria, is all 23 years old , so Les gets to jet off to Jamaica and different beaches on her vacations. So, this is the first time I saw her in action. ~ My job was to do the lettering. Virginia is for Lovers.~ But, right beside the Lovers, leslie sculpted a cat~ So, & people did get it~ it reads, Virginia is for cat Lovers. It was so much fun.
I had never carved letters in the sand, but, I just went for it & I think we did fabulously!

We have decided that we will do it again next year.

Oh~ & Leslie did lose the plaid , like 28 1/2 years ago
.She really wasn't preppy at all ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am still having computer woes~ but I am learning how to use Gabriel's laptop.Thank you son!
Anyway~ I have missed blogging so much.~ This laptop is so sensitive. I make lots of mistakes & have to start over. But~ I can't be picky.
So~ this is a little angel I painted last night as a donation for a fund raiser that will take place tomorrow night in Washington D.C.~the money is being raised for battered women.~ I wanted this little angel to remind people of Christmas & winter. He is called the "Winter Angel". I know same pose~ but, I love this little angel.
~~~Little Miss Rowan has been sick this weekend & today. She has had a high fever. Poor little baby. It is so sad when the "Little Girl" is sick. You miss all her "busy~ness".
Well that's all for now~ I am going to go take a quick look around & catch up with all my bloggy friends. ~Amy~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Computer Woes~

I am using my son's laptop at the moment.
So~ I have no pictures, :(
But~ I have been getting lots done.:)
And~ Katie May gave me the Art Y Pico Award~:)
I don't think I can pass it on till this weekend.
This laptop seems so strange to me.
I feel lost using it.And~ it does n't have all my info on it.

It is only Wednesday~Feels like Friday~
but~ I am glad it isn't, there is still so much to do.
The weather is getting that wonderful fall, crisp mornings &
cool evenings, ~ Thank goodness.
I feel renewed at this time of year.
More energy~
o.k.~ have good thoughts for my computer~
I feel so lost~but~I am getting lots done. ~But~ I feel so lost.
I"m o.k.~ No~ really I am~ don't worry about me, I can handle this ~
this, no computer thing~ I am enjoying the crisp weather~fresh~
And~getting, SOO much done!~ it really is a good thing.~
This no computer thing~ a good thing~so, don't worry about me,~
I am fine~ Do you believe me?~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the Same~ But, Not~ the Same

~click for close up~

A wonderful thing happened. A lovely lady bought one of my Angels on ebay~ and then a lovely friend of hers saw it and wanted~ not one~ but~ three Angels. One for herself~ And the other two for her children.~But, she was in love with the Angel that her friend had. She liked the way he was looking up.~So, she asked if I could make another one. ~~At first I have to say~ I was not sure~ and~ the fun part of these Angels, is that they are all differant, each, one of a kind.~~But, she was loving the Angel so much & I wanted her to have one. I agreed, and asked if I could make the next two differant. But~ the looking up part had to stay. ~Deal~
I loved painting these Angels so much. She will be peeking at them tonight, she is in Boston.
~Very Cool!~
I don't know ~ but~ Something wonderful is happening.
And~ how many years has my freinds & family told me to offer these Angels? ~ Oh , like~ forever!!! ~ All, I know is that I am loving this.
So~ other than that~ I am still working on the portrait that I can't show because it is presant.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Paint Pants

All dressed up & ready to go. See how well my shoes match my pants? And ~I have lots of shirts that bring the whole look together. :) Most of my jeans look like this~ I love them.I wear them most everyday. I feel very comfortable & ready to work.
I just last week met a follow artist~ she was wearing a very similar pair of pants~ can you believe it? :) ~ If she were not wearing her paint pants, I may not have noticed her. But, now I have a new art friend.
~O.K.~ have a lovely Monday~Amy~

Sunday, September 7, 2008


~ I love the Blue Popsicle tongue~

I was so happy to wake to the rainy morning yesterday. After such a crazy~busy & way to fast
last week, the wonderful sound of rain was music to my ears and soul. A much needed brake was had by all, in the Sullivan home. Rain ~says~ it's o.k. snuggle up & relax. So, I spent the day on the couch with my daughters & sketch book, popping my Anne of Green Gables movies into the VHS player. I don't have them on DVD yet. I have had my copys so long that I have had to use masking tape to mend their boxes. But~ I love them. I guess someday I may have to brake down & get the DVD's, but not yet. My copys are very comforting to me, many, many hours have been spent watching them , I guess Gabriel was just a very little guy when Philip got them for me as a Christmas gift. And, now here he is 18~ so, it is quite safe to say that I have spent many hours holding my 4 babys while watching my Anne, with an e.

So~ fantastic news~ one of the pieces that I sent to the art show in Illinois has already sold !
I am very sad to say that I was doing everything so quickly, that I did not take pictures of my pieces. Can you believe it? I can't. But~ I have been told that pictures will be taken & sent to me.

The very coolest thing is that my cousin Clare is the Executive Director - of this Imagine Foundation. I really had not grasped all the amazing things that she does , until, well until now.
This was a Gallery Hop, so she was curator to 5 different spaces that show art. My art is at the
Inner Harmony Day Spa. Now~ I am thinking this will be a wonderful place to show art. 4 original Angels were painted for the show & 2 or 3 prints were made.Then I sent several older pieces. Clare says the space is beautiful.I want to go to the Inner Harmony Day Spa! ~So~ Thank You Dear Sweet Cousin~I Love You~& am so very blown away by all you do~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept. 3~1960

So~ I just delivered my paintings to my brother-in-law, who is going to leave tomorrow morning
for Illinois. And~ help hang this show, his fabulous art will also be in the show.It is part of the Gallery Hop in Jacksonville Ill. at the the Imagine Foundation . So~ if you live near there ~ check it out. I wish I could be there , but , not this time.
This has been a very busy week & it is only Wednesday...Rowans birthday was on Monday~ the first day of school was Tuesday & last night into this morning I worked on getting my paintings ready for this show. AND~~ Oh Yah !!!~~ Today is my Birthday! I am 48 years old !
Yeah Me ! Right now~ it is 5:20 & I am pooped ! But~ feeling quite satisfied. I am going to go lay down & rest my eyes for a little bit.