Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Computer Woes~

I am using my son's laptop at the moment.
So~ I have no pictures, :(
But~ I have been getting lots done.:)
And~ Katie May gave me the Art Y Pico Award~:)
I don't think I can pass it on till this weekend.
This laptop seems so strange to me.
I feel lost using it.And~ it does n't have all my info on it.

It is only Wednesday~Feels like Friday~
but~ I am glad it isn't, there is still so much to do.
The weather is getting that wonderful fall, crisp mornings &
cool evenings, ~ Thank goodness.
I feel renewed at this time of year.
More energy~
o.k.~ have good thoughts for my computer~
I feel so lost~but~I am getting lots done. ~But~ I feel so lost.
I"m o.k.~ No~ really I am~ don't worry about me, I can handle this ~
this, no computer thing~ I am enjoying the crisp weather~fresh~
And~getting, SOO much done!~ it really is a good thing.~
This no computer thing~ a good thing~so, don't worry about me,~
I am fine~ Do you believe me?~


Susan said...

Hang in there, you'll make it. I know you will. Hugs. Susan

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thanks Susan~
My routine has been thrown off.
But~ I can do this.:()~Amy~