Sunday, September 7, 2008


~ I love the Blue Popsicle tongue~

I was so happy to wake to the rainy morning yesterday. After such a crazy~busy & way to fast
last week, the wonderful sound of rain was music to my ears and soul. A much needed brake was had by all, in the Sullivan home. Rain ~says~ it's o.k. snuggle up & relax. So, I spent the day on the couch with my daughters & sketch book, popping my Anne of Green Gables movies into the VHS player. I don't have them on DVD yet. I have had my copys so long that I have had to use masking tape to mend their boxes. But~ I love them. I guess someday I may have to brake down & get the DVD's, but not yet. My copys are very comforting to me, many, many hours have been spent watching them , I guess Gabriel was just a very little guy when Philip got them for me as a Christmas gift. And, now here he is 18~ so, it is quite safe to say that I have spent many hours holding my 4 babys while watching my Anne, with an e.

So~ fantastic news~ one of the pieces that I sent to the art show in Illinois has already sold !
I am very sad to say that I was doing everything so quickly, that I did not take pictures of my pieces. Can you believe it? I can't. But~ I have been told that pictures will be taken & sent to me.

The very coolest thing is that my cousin Clare is the Executive Director - of this Imagine Foundation. I really had not grasped all the amazing things that she does , until, well until now.
This was a Gallery Hop, so she was curator to 5 different spaces that show art. My art is at the
Inner Harmony Day Spa. Now~ I am thinking this will be a wonderful place to show art. 4 original Angels were painted for the show & 2 or 3 prints were made.Then I sent several older pieces. Clare says the space is beautiful.I want to go to the Inner Harmony Day Spa! ~So~ Thank You Dear Sweet Cousin~I Love You~& am so very blown away by all you do~