Thursday, September 24, 2009


Welcome cool, crisp days ! So, nice to back in my bloggy world. How I have missed being here.
I have been ever so busy. But, I am back. I have been working on my own home, painting, cleaning out, decorating. And, I feel so much better.
Rowan & I have started Home Schooling and we love it, love it I tell you.~
I have also been working on "bigger projects" outside my home. I am finishing one up now.~~~Think~calm, spa, beauty & TREES~ very cool~ I have taken photos & will post them when all is done.~
Gabriel is home from the Art Institute of Washington, remember they are on a quarterly schedule, so his 1st. quarter is done. He did great & we are ALL very happy to have the Big Brother home.~
Well, that's all for now~ Sept a BIG KISSY & HUG to all things AUTUMN !~