Thursday, September 24, 2009


Welcome cool, crisp days ! So, nice to back in my bloggy world. How I have missed being here.
I have been ever so busy. But, I am back. I have been working on my own home, painting, cleaning out, decorating. And, I feel so much better.
Rowan & I have started Home Schooling and we love it, love it I tell you.~
I have also been working on "bigger projects" outside my home. I am finishing one up now.~~~Think~calm, spa, beauty & TREES~ very cool~ I have taken photos & will post them when all is done.~
Gabriel is home from the Art Institute of Washington, remember they are on a quarterly schedule, so his 1st. quarter is done. He did great & we are ALL very happy to have the Big Brother home.~
Well, that's all for now~ Sept a BIG KISSY & HUG to all things AUTUMN !~


Cheryl said...

I spied your paintings on the sidebar, man-oh-man you are super talented! I wish I could paint like you do, what a true gift you have!

Janine Serresseque said...

Happy Fall, Teensy! I am happy for you and Rowan about homeschooling. We know so much more now about teaching dyslexic kids than was known when we were coming up through the educational system. My mom was an art teacher, and had many learning disabled kids pass through her days. I know very well what you mean when you say that your art got you through.Thanks for sharing that--it really warmed my heart and I plan to print it and show it to my mom.

Ei said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your talent and your world with us

vivian said...

Hi monster swapping partner! hope all is well in your world! I am ready to mail out your monster and hope you are prepared for its arrival!!
Be scared... be very scared!!
hope to mail today or tomorrow

prashant said...

I could paint like you do, what a true gift you have!

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