Friday, October 30, 2009

~Happy Halloween"~

~My doll~ came so wonderfully packed~ REESES~ my favored candys~

~I have been working~painting, painting, painting~SETS~
and a set painters schedule~ is long & hard.~it is true~
& a set painter(scenic artist) who has 4 children & is as so very close to 50~like myself.~well, it is alot. And, I have a part time job from 3~5:30, as an after-care provider for my churches school, me & 2 other sweet ladies look after the pre-K & kindergartners.~Those darling little peoples are now, quite used to seeing "Ms. Amy" in her "paint clothes", they really love them.
~So, to keep myself happy,(in the love of making art way) I have joined another "SWAP"~ Zan at Wild At Heart~had the Monster Swap~
& & &~ my Swap Partner was Vivian~ from, Viv, Out On A Whim~
AND~ How I love my little Monster~ she is "scary", "I know", but, if you do not put your finger to close to her mouth, ~she is the sweetest, little mon-star ever. Just look at her. I lalalove her !~& the next sweet thing , is Vivian herself, the lovingly talented artist,an amazing lady, just bursting with the love of life & how much fun it truly is !~Surely things do not happen by accident.~It has been very good for me to visit her blog, I smile every time. And, we have much in common, our darling, "long haired" husbands, for one. She just recently posted pictures of her past & present, GO see, really wonderful, 28 years of marriage. I think I need to do the same.~But, Philip & I have only been married 18 years, we were "late bloomers".~:)
~Vivian is soooooo BeaUtiful !~ inside & out~

~~~~~~THANK YOU * VIVIAN !!!!!~~~~~~


vivian said...

awww.. You are so sweet! I'm glad you like your little monster. I made two of them, because I loved her two!
one tiny little correction! Tony and I have been married only 28 years. We have been together thought 33. I was only 16, he 20 (!) when we started going out!
I did sign you up for the elf swap and I'm so very happy to have you!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hello Amy,

Your monster is the sweetest thing!! I want it! hehe

Zan is the best..she and I connected as *kindred dreamers* over a year's hard to find those that live totally out of the box and absolutely without a doubt know that we can manifest our dreams into reality.

Oh, and I'll join y'all since I've got a long haired husband too! His hair has natural curl and the most beautiful long pony tail...just makes me crazy while I deal with my totally straight long hair. :0)

I'll be back...meanwhile,
Scatter Bliss...

Fran said...

OOOOO! Reese is a cutie monster. Vivian is a sweetheart!!

Your art is wonderful. You have lots of talent.

We are swap partners for the Littlest Elf Swap Vivian is hosting. WOOOHOOO!!

JoMo said...

very cute!

Wireworks said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fun halloween celebration!


prashant said...

Your monster is the sweetest thing!! I want it!

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