Tuesday, October 28, 2008

N.Y. City set

Well~ here is a little peek at the set that I have been painting. So~ the show is ~ Tick, Tick....Boom. A musical by Jonathan Larson~ the guy who wrote Rent. And~ this is his story, about choosing to be a New York artist.
Here you see plaster walls with brick. This is a roof top. But~ it also gets used as different scenes in the play. This is a very neat little corner of the set. First I painted the wall to look like old plaster, then painted the brick, here & there. Then went back over parts with more plaster/painting.
~The set designer is a friend of mine~ I love painting her sets for her, we work very well together.~
~ That very beautiful window you see up top is going to have a scrim (a black mesh type of curtain) hung behind it. Then it will have lights, Christmas lights, that will look like stars.

~Philip (my hubby) did a beautiful job building this set. That window is so well built, that it could actually hang in someones home. He was not willing to fudge things, he never is, if he is going to build something, than he is going to do it right. ~ You know that is what he does, he is a cabinetmaker. The building company he works for is small, but, they work on some of the most beautiful homes here in Richmond.~

Anyway~ I think this is going to be am amazing production. Very exciting.
Next~ I will show you how I paint the wood floors.


Monday, October 27, 2008

~VOTE~ :)

Last night I was at the~
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds~ Last Chance for Change Concert, held at the Siegel Center at V.C.U.~ it was a fabulous concert. Leaning towards being mellow. Acoustic Guitar Artistry really~ Both Dave & Tim were clearly enjoying themselves, as they played for 2 1/2 hours. Tim did not say a word~ but Dave delivered, what I can only describe as the most charming campaign messages, for Obama or any political message, for that matter, that I have ever heard.~"I'm well-compensated for doing what I love to do so go ahead and tax me heavy so someone else can take a little break."~

6,000 attended this free concert.~ Last Saturday morning, my friend Leslie called~ saying, I am on my way to get you~ they are giving away free tickets to a Dave Mathews concert at the Marshall Street Obama Campaign Office. So, Leslie, Rowan & I stood in line for about an hour & a half, chatting with the other folks in line, really a very pleasant morning. Got our two tickets each. And~ last night had a very lovely evening. I took Hannah~ this was her first real concert. Leslie brought her daughter Maria. It was all very good~

So~ I have been "crazy busy"~ working on the set. I took pictures today, to share with you. And~ show you a few of the painting techniques I use. But~ I left my camera at the theatre. Thats o.k.~ I'll post them toomario~ :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today is the day! The day that the Magical Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist is hosting her Halloween Party~~


~I have made these Sweet Pumpkin Earrings
in celebration of this very Pumkinney Season~

~They will be available in my etsy shoppy~

NOW~ I am off to the Halloween Party!~


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Boy & More

I can hardly believe I haven't posted in over a week~
I have started painting a set for a new theatre in town! ~ I am so very excited about this new little theatre. It is a part of the dance studio ~ Shuffles~ where Rowan takes her dance classes.
The owner, Peggy, of the of Shuffles ~ decided last year to spread her creative realm and add a black box theatre to her dance studio. Really amazing~ the space is perfect~ seating 99. The stage is a wonderful size. She brought on board, as Artistic Director, a young man, named Chase~ I have known him for years~ he worked at Theatre lV . Anyway~ Chase was pretty much raised in the theatre. He knows theatre inside & out.And~ because of this he can gather an amazing pool of talent, who are more than happy to be a part of this new theatre. I am totally blown away by how everything is coming together.
So~ the show is ~ Tick, Tick....Boom. A very cool musical by Jonathan Larson~ the guy who wrote Rent. So~ this is his story, about choosing to be a New York artist.

My husband built the sets~ now I am painting them. Good Fun!

Next~ Above, you see my new/old angel. While cleaning out the closet~ there she was. One of the Angels that Philip cut out for me years ago. Unpainted.~~~~Remember me saying that my Angel painting was pretty spontaneous, morning of a baby shower, morning of the Christmas party. Anyway~ poor Philip was never given much notice. So~ he did catch on & started cutting out stacks of Angels, instead of one, as needed. ( love having a cabinetmaker for a husband)

So~ she is not done yet. But~ I was so happy to find her. I want to make her very special.

Next ~ & ~ most important~ Ian turned 16 on Oct. 13~
Unbelievable~ 16~ my darling little fellow. When he was born, he had the biggest brown eyes.
He was my tiniest baby. Oh so precious. Today he is still darling, kind, smart. Ian is cuddly,
he is very comfortable with himself.~ He has decided that he will be a Ferrior & shoe houses.
And he will. Like his father his hands are gifted.

Pumpkin pie~ instead of cake~ for Ian Gerard Sullivan !

Recognize this picture?~
This is the photo that inspired the pastel painting you see over to the side of my blog.
This is my curly headed boy, playing in the bird bath~ I was always finding his little toys there.

The moment Ian saw his first horse~ there was a natural connection.~ Neither Philip or I are horse people. I have never been on a horse!~ Truly, it is amazing to watch him around these beautiful creatures. Look at him~ on his 3rd. Birthday~
We lived in the country & a friend who owned horses lived just down the dirt road.I would take the kids for a daily walk & we always ended there. Ian was shown where the apples were kept, so he would run get one and feed the horses. I have seen him share an apple with this very horse. Look how small he is on that big horse.~ Beautiful!~

O.K.~ That all for now~See you soon with more art~ Amy~

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well~ I didn't sell any prints in my "big sale".
So~ I have decided to extend , the buy one~ get one free sale ~till Monday, Oct.6~
or maybe longer ;D
This selling your artwork stuff is hard~

But~ I have wonderful news about the show I was in , in Sept. ~ I sold 5 of the 7 pieces I sent.
And this little Angel just sold last night on ebay.

And something else, really Sweet, has happened~ Paz, from the Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz
asked me to post a recipe on her cooking blog. Paz is truly one of the dearest people here in bloggyland. ~ She also has another blog, Paz's New York Minute~
there she shares her view of New York City. And~ these are not just photographs, there is something more~ the something more is the way she sees the world around her. She makes it all so beautiful.~~~~ So~ visit Paz in N.Y. ~ then try my Italian Prune Plum recipe~
well it isn't mine, but, my darling Mother-in-laws~& it is very yummy!

Have the Loveliest of Days~Amy~

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Angel & A Print SALE!

A new Angel Painting for ebay & a PRINT SALE in my ETSY SHOP!

1st.~ Here is my new angel painting~

I call her "October Angel",she is the first in my new monthly angel collection.Next month, of course, will be November & so on, ending with September of next year.And, she is on Ebay
right now~

After each original angel painting sells, I will make prints
of them & offer them in
my etsy shop.

~And Now~ about the P
Over the past week or so, I have been adding prints
of my Angel Paintings, to my etsy shop.

AND so to get things going (gosh darn-it)!

For the next 3 DAYS~
I will be having a BUY one print & get the second
one, of equal or lesser
value FREE SALE !!!
~All prints are included in the SALE~
This sale ends on MONDAY @ MIDNIGHT

Just remember to wait for an invoice from me before paying.

So~ yes~ go peek in my little shop!
~Thank you, for doing so~