Monday, October 27, 2008

~VOTE~ :)

Last night I was at the~
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds~ Last Chance for Change Concert, held at the Siegel Center at V.C.U.~ it was a fabulous concert. Leaning towards being mellow. Acoustic Guitar Artistry really~ Both Dave & Tim were clearly enjoying themselves, as they played for 2 1/2 hours. Tim did not say a word~ but Dave delivered, what I can only describe as the most charming campaign messages, for Obama or any political message, for that matter, that I have ever heard.~"I'm well-compensated for doing what I love to do so go ahead and tax me heavy so someone else can take a little break."~

6,000 attended this free concert.~ Last Saturday morning, my friend Leslie called~ saying, I am on my way to get you~ they are giving away free tickets to a Dave Mathews concert at the Marshall Street Obama Campaign Office. So, Leslie, Rowan & I stood in line for about an hour & a half, chatting with the other folks in line, really a very pleasant morning. Got our two tickets each. And~ last night had a very lovely evening. I took Hannah~ this was her first real concert. Leslie brought her daughter Maria. It was all very good~

So~ I have been "crazy busy"~ working on the set. I took pictures today, to share with you. And~ show you a few of the painting techniques I use. But~ I left my camera at the theatre. Thats o.k.~ I'll post them toomario~ :)


Leslie Rubio said...

What a lovely concert it was! We are so blessed to have gotten the tickets FREE and then to spend the evening with our daughters-what a treat!

He dedicated the song "Crash" to Obama. Crash into me yeah! I'm ready!

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful concert. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!