Tuesday, October 28, 2008

N.Y. City set

Well~ here is a little peek at the set that I have been painting. So~ the show is ~ Tick, Tick....Boom. A musical by Jonathan Larson~ the guy who wrote Rent. And~ this is his story, about choosing to be a New York artist.
Here you see plaster walls with brick. This is a roof top. But~ it also gets used as different scenes in the play. This is a very neat little corner of the set. First I painted the wall to look like old plaster, then painted the brick, here & there. Then went back over parts with more plaster/painting.
~The set designer is a friend of mine~ I love painting her sets for her, we work very well together.~
~ That very beautiful window you see up top is going to have a scrim (a black mesh type of curtain) hung behind it. Then it will have lights, Christmas lights, that will look like stars.

~Philip (my hubby) did a beautiful job building this set. That window is so well built, that it could actually hang in someones home. He was not willing to fudge things, he never is, if he is going to build something, than he is going to do it right. ~ You know that is what he does, he is a cabinetmaker. The building company he works for is small, but, they work on some of the most beautiful homes here in Richmond.~

Anyway~ I think this is going to be am amazing production. Very exciting.
Next~ I will show you how I paint the wood floors.



Penhallow Street said...

Amy, you painted all those bricks? They look so authentic. Hope you will get a picture of the window with the stars. Love your work!

Amy Sullivan said...

Thank you Penhallow~
yep~ all hand painted.
I love this set, it is going to be beautiful when it is done.
I worked on the floors today, but forgot my camera.

Anonymous said...

Very realistic-looking.


Cris said...

Hi, I just noticed you following my blog so I came on over to say hi! That is so exciting to be working on a stage set. I would love that! It looks great so far. I also love your artwork of children. As I scrolled down, I found that we have something in common--We both have 16 year old sons with long curly curly hair! Aren't they adorable? Have a great evening!