Thursday, August 13, 2009

~the river~

The summer is coming to an end. We couldn't take a "big" vacation anywhere, so, I tried to fill the kids summer with fun little days. We discovered the James River & what a blessing it has been.
We go to a beautiful spot, called the "Pony Pasture". It is lovely there, with large rocks that you can lay your towels out on. We bring a picnic & enjoy the day. Rowan & I stay close to the bank & my older ones venture further up the river & ride the rapids back down. Dragonfly's flutter about, while ducks & geese swim nearby & eagles can be spotted flying overhead. So, relaxing.
Everyone leaves feeling quite satisfied & of cause good & tired from spending the day in the water.
I am now looking forward to the fall. I haven't done much art over the summer & have decided to forgive myself. But, I am aching to get back to my art, I have so many ideals swimming around in my mind.
I have really enjoyed these simple days with the kids & giving them my undivided attention.

I have decided to home school Rowan this year. She is going into the 3rd. grade & is dyslexic (like me) she has had IEP (independent education program) since the 1st. grade. Which means she has received extra help in school. But, she is still not reading independently or even close.
The program is not working for her, so I need to help her. I have been reading all summer about how to teach dyslexic children. Funny thing, I have suddenly been meeting family's that home school. And, the more I learn about it, the more excited I get.
So, I am going to have to put into place a daily schedule for us. Time for school, time for mom to do her art.....
She is such a bright, happy little person. I can remember being her age & sitting in class & thinking to myself, "why is this so hard for me & it seems so easy for everyone else?" I knew I wasn't "stupid". But, of course in the 60's, they didn't know much about children with learning disability's. So, I just had to work very hard. And, I had my art. That was something that I could do and well. Art got me threw school. It is what held my confidence together. Without it, I know I would never have gone to college.
So, when they talk about & even take the arts out of schools, I think about my school days. How truly sad they would have been.
Well, I really am looking forward to working with Rowan and keeping her the happy, imaginative and smart little girl that she is.
She just learns differently~ that's all~


Susan Carlin said...

Those photos look like paintings waiting to happen! Go for it, Amy!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Loved hearing about your days at the river. It sounds wonderful. I'd think artists (like yourself) would need those type of days to fuel your art. . .It's wonderful that you will be teaching Rowan this year. You understand her like no one else can, given the circumstances. I know LOTS of people who homeschool and do a wonderful job of it. There children love it also. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You and Rowan, have fun teaching and learning. ;-)


Unknown said...