Monday, September 22, 2008


I am still having computer woes~ but I am learning how to use Gabriel's laptop.Thank you son!
Anyway~ I have missed blogging so much.~ This laptop is so sensitive. I make lots of mistakes & have to start over. But~ I can't be picky.
So~ this is a little angel I painted last night as a donation for a fund raiser that will take place tomorrow night in Washington D.C.~the money is being raised for battered women.~ I wanted this little angel to remind people of Christmas & winter. He is called the "Winter Angel". I know same pose~ but, I love this little angel.
~~~Little Miss Rowan has been sick this weekend & today. She has had a high fever. Poor little baby. It is so sad when the "Little Girl" is sick. You miss all her "busy~ness".
Well that's all for now~ I am going to go take a quick look around & catch up with all my bloggy friends. ~Amy~


Janine Serresseque said...

Hi Sweet Lady
I hope your computer woes are resolved soon.
Love the angel paintings! Congratulations on your success with them!

Susan said...

I feel for you since you are using a laptop. I am a full size keyboard girl myself. I am the boo-boo queen on the laptop. Take care of that feverish darling and tell her silly stories and make sure she has lots of dolly companions to make the uglies go away.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Oh Thank You Susan~
Yes, poor little moo~moo.Rowan requires lots of special cuddles from all of us when she is sick.And~ she gets them.She is a super cuddle~bug at all times~ but when she is sick,~well you know, I just want to sit & hold her all day.

Leslie Rubio said...

I love your angels too Amy! The winter angel is beautiful as are all of your angels.

Friends Forever,


Anonymous said...

I like that the angel is holding the necklace of hearts.

I hope Little Miss Rowan feels much better very soon.


Kimmi said...

Love your angels!


Anonymous said...

Sweet, lovely little angel. These works remind me a bit of Botticelli or Fra Filippo Lippi (B's teacher) in style. Sorry to hear both your computer and your Rowan are sick. Get well soon!

Unknown said...