Friday, January 28, 2011


~This little dollhouse was a Christmas present for Rowan.~ It is a Corona Dollhouse Kit~ I bid on it on ebay.~ 23 $~ There were quite a few to bid on~ I think people buy them, but never get around to putting them together.~ What a lucky little girl Rowan is~ her dad is a cabinetmaker !~ Philip is doing a beautiful job putting her little cottage together & he really is enjoying himself.~ It will be done soon, then Rowan & I will paint it.~Then the fun of decorating ~ so many decisions to make.~ There is a dollhouse store just down the street from us.~But, we plan on making a lot of our own tiny things to put in it.~ And, we need to find a little family to live in it.~ I'll keep taking pictures along the way.~

~GIVEAWAY !~ not here, yet~ over at German Dolls~ she makes the sweetest dolls, Waldorf style, & doll clothes~ I have just found her blog today.~But, I will be visiting there often.~Go, sign-up !~


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

can't wait to see progress on this amy! i love dollhouses. shelby started with a preschool one, and has now moved up a 4' tall little girl one (for her barbies). i look forward to someday building one with her. :]

Susan said...

Ohhh what fun. Be sure and check online for miniature food to stock the kitchen with. Etsy, of course and Flickr are great for ideas. Have fun!

EverydayZen said...

cool :)