Wednesday, April 29, 2009


~I just had to show you how the Mother Mary looked when she was on stage.~ They lit her from behind~ & that just made her look so wonderful~ it is hard to believe that it is just a painting on canvas~it really looked like real stained glass.~
~For me~ this is the magic of theatre~ when everyone & everything comes together like this.~Lots of hard work~ for two nights of opera.
~I felt terrible that I did not have a photo of the set all lit~ lighting makes all the difference~ so, I went very early Monday morning down to V.C.U.~I just realized that I didn't tell you that this was for the V.C.U. Opera Theatre~ anyway~ I went very early Monday morning, hoping to get a least a few pictures.~ And~ the stage was cleared~ I mean empty~ they must have been up all night striking the the set.~ they only had a 2 night run.~ Sunday night was their last show.~ and Bam !~ everything was gone.~the stage is shared withe the VCU orcastra, classes are taught there, ect....~
~I was heartbroken.~ so, I walked into the theatre office & asked if they had taken pictures.~ And, a voice from the secrtaries office~Linda~ seid~ yes, I took the pictures.~
~I love wonderful secretaries like Linda~ they just mezmerize me. So, organized, in her world, there in her office~ she has the answers to all the questions.~
~ Bless Linda's Heart~ she sure made my day~
~So, these are some of the pictures she emailed me.~

~Thank you Linda~


Diane Duda said...

It's beautiful, Amy. This week's Illustration Friday theme is theatre. You should post it there. You still have one day left. :)

Susan said...

This looks beautiful. You are right about folks like Linda, a good secretary usually runs the entire office. Take care and have a great weekend.

Carol B. said...

Amy! You painted that picture of Mary? I thought it was stained glass! It is so gorgeous! Congratulations on a beautiful job, as well as the fact that your work is being used for the theater. What a great job you're doing!
Carol B.

Carol B. said...

Amy, I would write an email to you but for some reason my computer is not letting me get people's email addresses even when I hit the email link on a profile.
Anyway, I wish I had your problem of turning down work ;) but I can understand your explanation that painting backdrops for the theater is very difficult physical work. And the fact that you have children at the age ranges that you do.
But still, after I had not been blogging for a while I had not seen your site and now that I have come back, I can see the absolutely amazing transformation in your art. Not that it wasn't beautiful before, but you have grown so! I am in awe! I hope to do the same.
When it is all said and done, know that even though you are 49 (or did you say going to be 49?) you are still a baby! As I am 53 and will be 54 in July.
But don't tell anybody ;D
Carol B.