Friday, April 10, 2009

~Happy Easter~

~Look its my bloggy!~ and where has that Amy Sullivan been ?~ Does she think that this poor little blog can create its own posts all by its self?~Silly Amy~ What were you thinking?~ A blog needs love & attention.~ It can't survive here in bloggyland all by itself.~ Poor, poor bloggy.~ Sad, really.~ Just look at the dust !~ ~ "Who's going to clean up this mess?"~~
~I will~ "and who are you ?"~~~ I am Amy Sullivan~~~"Oh, well where have you been?"~~ just look at this blog !~~~you can't just abandone your bloggy like this & exspect your friends to come here~~ what,, your last post was like...March the 27th~~~and, you have dear friends still dropping by and for what??~ Shame on you Amy !~~~
~~~I am sorry~ really I am~~~ can you ever forgive me?~~ I have just had so much going on.....good stuff, not so good stuff.~~ all of it needing my attention.~~~I promise, I will do better !!!~Really, I will !~~~~

~What~ do you think your the only blogger out there with a busy life?~ What~ about all those blogs you love reading?~ they are busy too ~ and yet, they find time for their blogs~ What if all bloggers were like you?~ Then where would bloggyland be?~
~~Well, alright~ we will give you one more chance~ and, you had better come up with some *REAL* nice posts~ or your out of here!!~~~

~~Thank you, thank you ,,I will be a better blogger~ really I will !!~

~so, what are you going to blog about today?~

~Well~ Gabriel(my son), took my camera to the beach w/ him this weekend~
~so, I can't upload any pictures of the set I just finished painting.~ or~ the etching I have been working on~~~
~But~ hey, I can photo shop a cute picture of Rowan that is already on my computer.~~~And~

~Wish Everyone, A Happy & Blessed Easter !!!~~

~well, I guess since it is Easter~ a very Blessed and Beautiful time of year, And a time for New Beginnings~ that would be lovely ~ but, you better be back here on Monday, with some really good stuff~~~~


Susan said...

Have a great weekend, regroup and renew. Happy Easter. Susan

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Thank you Susan~

lagirl said...

Hi there!
Glad you found your way back to your blog "home". Have a great Easter, then come and tell us all about it!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~thank lagirl~
i will

Art4Sol said...

It's so easy to get side tracked...our lives are so busy....and sometimes we just need a break. Glad to have you back.
Happy Easter!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

thank you~
I knew my friends would understand~
But~ you gotta watch out for the "bloggy police"~

~Happy Easter~

Diane Duda said...

No worries.
We aren't going anywhere. :)
Have a Happy EAster, Amy.

Suzanne said...

Well Amy, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who talks to myself! :)

Cute post...hope you had a wonderful Easter!