Friday, March 27, 2009

~A Lovely Visit ~

~Rowan, getting her hair cut~ March 14, 2008
~Rowan's hair cut 2 years ago~

~I can't believe its been 10 days since my last post ! I have been a busy "little nut-burger"~ I don't know where to start.~
~But, I think I will start with the pictures I have posted here of my little Ms. Rowan.~ on March 14, she got her 2nd. real hair cut.~ The first was 2 years ago almost to the day.~ As you can see I documented the hair cut.~ I took pictures of the 1st. time too.~ They look pretty much the same as these.~ Same beautician too.~ Well, the very lovely thing about Rowan cutting her hair is that she donates it to Locks of Love. The 1st. cut harvested 12" of hair and this time she was able to give 11". ~ That's 23" at the age of 8.~ I am so proud of her.~ Look closely at the 3rd. picture & you can see her happy face reflected in the mirror.~ ~ She told me as we were leaving the salon~~
" I'm going to do this every time~you know~ grow my hair~ cut it~ and give it to the children that need it.~again & again.~ :) ~Nadia, Rowan and Hannah~ Maymount Park~

~ This past weekend ~ I had a wonderful visit from Paula, a friend I had not seen in 25 years !!!~ She lives in N.C. and owns a restaurant with her husband, called the 501 Diner. She brought her 13 year old daughter Nadia, my Hannah is 14, so that worked out nicely.~ It was a 2 night sleep over. ~ So, much fun, visiting, remembering, eating.~ Funny , how when you get together with old girlfriends, its like you never were apart.~
~ We drove out to Leslie's house in the country Sat. evening for more yummy food. Leslie, Paula & I were all at V.C.U together studying art.~

~Sunday we visited Maymont Park and fed the baby goats. Just, so cute !~

~These sweet little baby's are a sure sign of "SPRING !" ~ Their little tails wag so happily as they nurse~


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

what a lovely lovely lovely thing for rowan to do! she is a pure sweetheart to give so freely. what a wonderful thing!!

Susan said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I am so proud of her.

Leslie Rubio said...

Kudos to Rowan on her locks of love gift to others. She is a sweetie.

It was good to get together with Paula and Nadia...sure doesn't seem like it's been 25 years.

Love you Amy!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Just stopping in to say hi. Rowan is a darling girl, and what a sweet idea! She is a wonderful example for her friends and family.


closed account said...

how sweeeet:)..she looks so pretty with her hair cut short and what a lovely idea giving her hair away...
oh my dear friend i have missed this so mych..have opened a new blog..old URL is now closed , but this link should bring you to me again ..i hope..and thank you so much for the beautiful birthday to look for my paint brushes...oops..left them in water brush side down

closed account said...


Carolyne said...

What an unselfish daughter you are raising! She must be such a little sweetheart!

And, I love the photo of the goats! So spring-ish!

Nice to meet you, btw. Isn't it wonderful to meet such wondeful people in the blogosphere?

Paz said...

I think it's wonderful what she does with her hair. She looks beautiful with long AND shorter hair.

Always fun to get together with friends.

So cute the baby goat. ;-)


Together We Save said...

My girls have also given to locks of love. It takes them awhile to get their hair long enough.

lagirl said...

Rowan is a doll with long hair OR with short hair and what a lovely thing for her to do. She must have a very good MaMa and Daddy who teach her well. Ya think?

I loved seeing the baby goats. You're right - they certainly signal Spring is here!

Unknown said...