Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My first Drawing a Day

Back from our Spring Break. It was so very, very nice. What a break should be.
I started by not letting my kids schedule the week away. You know, "Mom, when are going too....?
Can we....? I want to... Putting my new, " there is plenty of time " theory into practice. I let them know that all suggestions were possible, but we were going to take each day as it came, get up in the morning and do what felt right that day. And you know what , it worked. We had a lovely week and alot of fun.

Big news for me! I sold me first print on etsy !!! I just about fell out of my chair. Oh my, that felt good. ( not the falling out of my chair part, but the saleing something part :)
So, I just sent it off today. I should have sent it yesterday, but I kept fussing over it. My heart is still shaking. I hope she likes it.

I have also started my" drawing a day" habit. I am famous for putting all my focus on one project.
So, now I will be completing a piece of art a day. It may be a drawing or painting or what ever. But, the important thing is to call it done. So they will be small. And then they will be put in my shop at etsy.
The little ink sketch above is the first. It was sent with my esty order as a thank you gift, for being my very first customer.
Tomorrow, the finished portrait. :) Amy


Anonymous said... says-

You are so talented and gifted! I love looking at your drawings! Keep it up! You'll be selling more on Etsy!

Unknown said...

You are really talented!
What a wonderful sketch!

Ash said...

Wow you've got some amazing work here I really like that sketch. Well done on the sale of your first print, I cant wait to finish some work that I feel is good enough to sell. Anyway I have just started doing a drawing a day blog and I'm looking for some feedback from fellow artists please have a look and let me know what you think.