Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break

Hello, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I am still enjoying mine.
My children are on Easter break for the rest of this week and we have been having such a nice time. I will be back soon, but I really want to have every second I can with them.
The weather has been perfect . I have been in the yard working away. And, right now we have cousins over for the day. We love our cousins.
I will post with more portrait updates and more art I have done over this sweet break.
Enjoy ! amy


Cowboys and Custard said...

Have a wonderful break Amy and enjoy every moment with your precious children.
Thank you for all your kind comments.. I do appreciate your visits..


closed account said...

Hi ya agin , silly me , i commented on wrong post..duuuggghhh!!
have a lovely break and will e-mail you this evening
I could have just told you to read comment below on other post , but , enjoying writing to you again after so long, thankyou for your heartfelt comments and your wonderful e-mails.....loving how you are posting up more work, you are a verytalented lady in deed love always ...Kathxx