Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter ! and Shake Your Tail Feathers !

I know this handsome fellow may not have anything to do with bunny's or Easter chicks. But, I was so impressed with his ability to prove his love for the very sweet lady, he was courting. Love was most truly in the air. And , I feel terrible that I did not get a better picture of her. I am sure she has a very good personality and will make the best Mom ever.
And , well my goodness she was so pas say , as this fine fellow did his very best to get her to notice him, she must also be very picky.
This all took place at a most wonderful place , here in Richmond, called Maymont Park. This 100 acre park takes care of the most amazing animals, in a way that makes you feel good when you leave. They are all kept in the most natural habitats that can be provided. You feel like they really are happy in their homes. ( often I feel really bad when I leave zoo's ) Most of their animals are rescued animals , but not all.
Now , we are not talking lions, tigers , but we are talking bears, oxen, and deer to name a few. And, a really lovely petting zoo, for children. I am really looking forward to going soon to meet the new lambs & baby goats. Too cute. And it is all free. But, I support them , as I am able to. I wish I could do more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I think these are amazing photos, you must have got very close! I'm having a few minutes away from the portrait at the moment, I seem to be going round in circles! I've got most of today to do it though so hopefully there'll be some progress by this afternoon. :)

closed account said...

hi Amy , loving your posts
and your photos of your work, thnks for popping by at my place, thanks for the e-mail, i will e-mail you very very soon, I miss you too, and look forward to hearing all your and hugs , Kath xxxx