Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today is my sisters Birthday

Anna Bridget Kathleen Gethins Leach, check her out here ,she is 18 months older than me. The oldest of 7 children.
She is everything that a big sister should be. Very strong , with a Beautiful karma. She was my voice for a long time, as I was shy and she seemed to know what was best for me. She is an actress and am an artist. When we were young she would push me forward, she would speak up for me and by doing this she helped my art flourish. She gave me confidence, "you can do that".She helped me see all the wonderful possibilities in the world and the strength that will grow inside you from doing what you love.
Her husband , Greig Leach,(, who is also an artist, so talented, you will be blown away by his art, are getting ready to make N.Y. their permanent home , they have had a flat there for close to a year. They have been traveling back and forth and have had to spend too much time apart, but now they have decided to go for it. Their 2 sons are all grown . They will rent out their home here and stay in N.Y. , for their art. That's my sister !!!

This is Bridget in the play Scapino, she plays the Italian father , Argente . My sister in "Drag" ! She was amazing, when I see her on stage, well I get chills all over. This was a particular treat for me, because it was the 1st. time we worked together professionally. I painted the scenery for this play.

Bridget, my Beautiful Sister, Happy Birthday ! Thank you, I Love You So much ! your sister, Amy