Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mother & Child Portrait

This a portrait I did of myself and Hannah. I was pregnant with Rowan here. Today I am going to be working on two portraits. Both will be of Moms with their child.
Have a lovely Tuesday . Amy

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closed account said...

Hi ya tots , how u doing ....lol
Yes it's me , i did'nt jump of the edge of the world ...well not yet anyway ..., so lovely to see your painting s , u have been a busy girl..need to e-mail u , and thanks for all your lovely e-mails , sos oryy iahve written abck to u lately , but i hope we can start again where we left off , on ly now i have to be careful with this time as i don't want to let it run again me in to the ground ....lol
you sold any o fyour work recently , and are u stil working albeit , art time at the theatre?, i am envious u know ..
hope the family are well, and will pop in again very soon , just needing to tie up a few ends here ....loads of hugs and stuff , Kath xx aka wanderer