Monday, March 17, 2008


You need to know, that , I am 1st. generation Scotch, Irish and mostly Irish. I could give a flaming " i do not care for this holiday !!" It is really not very Irish, in my book. Sorry !!!

I looked for corned beef today , to make corn beef cabbage & fried potatoes. I looked at my favorite store on Saturday also. But, the butcher said they didn't have any , check back on Monday. That is today, and still no corned beef. Well , I decided I was not going to chase all over for corned beef.
So, we are having my semi famous potato soup, nice sausages and Irish soda bread. That is a very Irish meal. Yummy and I have everything I need for it. So, that makes it the perfect Irish meal.

Not, so sure about this PINK background. I will let it stay awhile, but I am sure it will change.

Now, I would like to share with you the lovely Tea Party Rowan & I had yesterday. We first decided on one of my favorite teapots, Little Red Riding Hood. She is very special and perfect for a little girl tea party. Our guests were the little girls that live across the street.
We made chocolate cupcakes with orange cream frosting, made with real butter, yum! There were maraschino cherries in a pretty glass bowl , passed around to pop in your mouth. And, homemade strawberry sorbet, yum.
Then, we made the lovely, glittery shamrock pins you see the girls waring in the first pictures above.The pattern was from the lovely Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. We made ours and they were a great hit. Thank you so much Vanessa. :) It was a very sweet weekend !

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