Wednesday, April 16, 2008


These were taken this evening, to dark outside. I just got back from painting on the Mikado set.
I am tired, but I did work on the portrait a bit today. So I wanted to let you see.Even thoe this is a watercolor, I pulled out my trusty Rembrandt pastels. I am working on Leslie's face, her nose is not right yet. But , it is looking better. I am seeing more feeling and life in this painting/drawing now. It is not a large piece, 11"x14".
I think I need to take my Phtalo Blue and put it across the room when I am painting. So , that I can't use it, unless I really need it :).
Well, it is time for me to hobble off to bed now, my a little legs are sore :( . amy

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Penhallow Street said...

Very touching piece. Don't put the blue too far away--it works well.