Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Mikado

This week I have been painting a set for the Va. Commonwealth University Opera, The Mikado.
Cherry Blossom Trees ! Perfect for spring. As I drive in to paint, I am looking at all the trees & blossoms. I am naturally a very slow driver, even if I am not studying all the trees as I drive to work, I love to drive slowly and look, ( of course I look behind to make sure, I am not getting anyone upset.)
Anyway, I snapped a few pictures before I left. .......These are 14' x 4', there are six of them. I will be sure to get pics. of everything up . These flats will be framed out in a deep reddish brown, so they are Japanese screens. More detail will be added. But, it will be very loose.

I lied, I am not feeling happy with the portrait, I will be working on it first thing tomorrow. The more I look at it. I keep looking at it and it is not done. amy


Unknown said...

These look great. Love the Mikado.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thanks Eric, things come to life when they are hung on stage. so i am looking forward to that.