Friday, January 4, 2008

Some Moments From Our Christmas Break

I'v just had a request for a picture of me, so I went back and could only find this one. I had just made these cookies for Rowan's Christmas party at school. I'm the Room Mom. I am hoping that others will send some pictures my way. Thats what happens when you are the one taking pictures.
This is my Mom, 7 children, isn't she just beautiful. I am so proud to be her daughter. She used to say that even when all her children were grown and gone, she would get a sudden panic feeling when she was out, thinking that someone was at home waiting for her. Now she spends her time quilting, and spending time with her grandchildren and children. She'll just call out of the blue and ask if the kids want to go see a movie. My sisters and I live very close by to each other, my Mom lives only about 5 min. from me. It was not always that way for me, but thats another story. I am close by now and I love it.
So this is my longest post and it took me forever to do it. But I learned alot in the process. I just wanted to share with you some of the many pictures I took over Christmas. I am second oldest of seven children, we get together as often as we can, but Christmas is when we all meet, with our children and husband and wives. So here I share with you my siblings , it is always a grand time, but this year it just felt different in a wonderful way. We had so much fun. You know when everyone calls each other the next day still talking about what fun it was.

This is Bridget there in the middle, She is the oldest, 18 months older than me,( almost Irish twins) she is an actress and spent most of the evening singing kareoke. We all were singing. But Bridget really does have a great voice.This is Bridgets husband Greig, he is an amazing artist. He just recently shaved his fury face, I'v never seen him without a beard before.
My brother Matt, 3rd. of the 7 of us. This is his girlfriend, the lovely Maleafa.
Bronwyn and Elliot, Bronwyn is the 4th child. The party was held at her house this year. Pretty sisters.

My little sister Megan and her son. Chris, Megan's husband. She should be at the end of this picture list of siblings, because she is the youngest, our baby. I spent many hours drawing her, she is 15 years younger than me.

My brother John, 3rd. youngest in my family. In this picture he is wearing the Redskins jacket my Mom got him. And that same day they won. He is really the only one in my fam. that is into football. He works with Luke at his grooming business.
Luke, 2nd to the youngest, the only one who got my Dads blue eyes. He has his own Dog Grooming company in Alexandria. A wonderful Dad and sweet husband.

My Mom, Baby sister Megan, Brother Luke, thats me in white. Many clusters of happy laughter, enjoying each others company.

This is my brother John, playing boardgames with Hannah and Ian. John is the 3rd youngest in my family. He is perfect uncle.
This is my husband Philip, carving. The food! So good.


closed account said...

Hi Amy, what a lovely post on your double lovely family, all so handsome and pretty, where are you ?..go on be daring!!
Your family sounds so amazing, just one big happy group of caring people!!
more similarities Amy! yourr brother has a grooming business, my eldest daughter Amy is a vet nurse, and has started steps to a grooming business too, as vet nurses do not earn a great deal of money, then this should subsidise her income..
Thanks for your comments, you are so kind Amy, pop by soon ,
Love Kath from Scotland...

closed account said...

Augh Amy, you didn' have to do that, I hope you didn't mind me asking, it was just a jest...
Any way , you look lovely and such a happy person as is all your family photos, you have cheered me up today with all the family smiles, I have posted up a little bit about you on my blog, I hope you do not mind?
All the best Amy, Kath from Scotland.

closed account said...

Pleas ee-mail me Amy and we can talk about your connections with Glasgow, my email link is on my profile, looking forward to hearing from you..kath