Monday, January 14, 2008

Such Tiny Noses!

Tiny Nose One! They got it from their Dads side, lucky girls.
Tiny Nose Two, so sweet!

two Tiny Noses, I LOVE those little noses!

Mouth wide open and a very happy girl at dance class, what does that mean? It makes her HAPPY, thats what I want, what she does with it , is up to her.
The one with her mouth wide open is my baby girl. Every Saturday morn we get up and go to ballet class. The dance instructure, in white, is just one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever watched. At this dance studio, little ones can wear what they like, and I love it. No snootyness here! You are dancing, be comfortable!
Hannah takes Tap here also, it may take some doing, but I will try & get some pics. of her.

So, after dance we might go thrifting, oh yeah, I am one of the original thrifters. I have been thrifting for, well I am 47, since, well since I was about 10. Because, I was raised by a Scotsmen, and he loved thrifting.
But this weekend, we had lunch at the park and fed the birds. We had a great Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

My daughter used to make me laugh when she was at ballet because her tongue would be sticking right out!They look so sweet all in a row.