Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Calender

From my 2006 Carl Larsson calender. For Kath, this is one of my faves, I want to be that lady getting ready to take that lovely bath. I would love to be in any of the scenes from his paintings, all cozy & happy.

So, I am putting up my new 2008 calender today. This year my husband got me a Humming Bird Calender, perfect! Beautiful calenders are
very important in my daily life, as I write on them and document the our daily life on their 2x2" squares. They were especially handy when my babes were performing those milestone moments in their lives, standing up, first words, walking. I would jot it on my calender. If I hadn't those wonderful moments would have slipped away from my mind. And as all children do, when they asked about their 1st words or how old was I when I walked, I am sure I would have had them all mixed up. A lovely calender is always a good baby shower gift, as days pass so quickly and that baby book can be over whelming, so I always tell the new Mom my trick, then at a later date, you can set down with your calender and baby book and put it all where it belongs. I save each calender, so I can refer back to them and will find myself leafing threw the months and feeling happy about all we do in a year.

I don't think I have ever had to buy my own new calender, they are usually a Christmas gift from my darling man or my Mom. And they always get it right. This year will be beautiful close-ups of those quick and fancy creatures that fascinate me so. I have put out a humming bird feeder for years now and once you start feeding them, you must continue as they will return to you year after year.You should also have the proper flowers about your yard , for their nutrition. I once got to hold a humming bird, really I did! I stepped outside just in time to find the poor thing in the jaws of my cat. I quickly ran to the rescue, and removed the precious little thing from its certain and untimely death. I carefully placed him in a bucket, he was breathing hard and was in shock, so I just watched him and every now and then, I could not resist the chance to reach in and pet him on his head. He was not very happy about that. After about 20 minutes I reached in one more time and just like a helicopter up and off he went, that day went down on my calender. My hummers have always seemed to trust me, I keep my feeder on a branch just above my outside table, where I set daily. They come to the feeder at curtain times of the day, morning and evening and if it is really hot, threw out the day. So they drink just a few feet over my head, I love going out and waiting for them .
In the past I have had Mary Casset, Carl Larsson, (yes Kath another thing we have in common, I adore that man & his beautiful art) of cause Beatrix Potter, Jessie Wilcox Smith, just so many years of beautiful calenders. And it does my heart good to know they were given to me by these two precious people in my life, they understand me and how important art and beauty is to me.
So put up your calender, write on them, save them and don't forget to say "RABBIT, RABBIT !", out loud each time you flip your page up to a new month. For good luck! Amy

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lovely post Amy, so gald you like Carl and BP too, there are so many others that I could mention that I love, take too long....hope your calendar is filled with special and precious memories for this year, mee too, my calendars always from my mother in law, couldn't function without them...xxkath