Thursday, January 17, 2008


It is SNOWING! And I took my poor babes to school. It started when I got home. Bummer Man! I want them here, out in the snow having fun, getting rejuvenated! Gotta go and take more pictures, I will post them soon. SNOW!I LOVE SNOW!!! ox amy
tThis was about 9:00 in the morning, by 10:30, it had turned to rain.


Anonymous said...

Why does that always happen?! We had a bit of snow last winter, it started when Carenza had gone to school, stopped, and turned to slush by home time! We've not had any this year yet, but it has been known to snow in April so who knows?!

closed account said...

Hi Amy, missin you so much, but will get back to my blog soon, it is a horrible name 'blog',isn't it! We should think up a new one!!
Anyway, left you a little comment on your amazing father time it ..and the wee noses are beautiful too..
So back to the drawing board for me now, school is about to finish, and Han will be home soon, soaking wet ,it's raining here,she will be wanting her hot chocolate and toast, so after that I am shutting myself away for the night, getting some work done, wish you could pop over for coffe and a chat, but the big pudle in between us is a bit too much for the wellies to take!!
glad I looked at your page today, you have cheered me up so much Amy, on a bit of a downer just now..need a kick up the old backside!!! how big is your foot?
love you loads, kath xxx
oh forgot to say , Hannah is doing some research on the computor for project at school, so I am not getting on to check emails and things as much just now, just in case u thought I was not bothering to send you one!!!so have nabbed it just now to send this to you...speak soon xx

closed account said...

Isthat your home ?, it is beautiful, can just see you there out in the garden with the kids, playing and joking around, lovely home indeed, snow looks pretty too
x love Kath x