Sunday, January 6, 2008

Father Time

I painted this oil painting 30 years ago, I was 17. Back then I wanted to paint every detail, every hair. Then I began to loosen up in my painting and color became very important to me. But, I just love this old man, he now belongs to my brother Matt. These days I am feeling the need to go back to the very detailed work and bring with it the color that I love so much. He does look like he could be" Father Time," doesn't he? But, he has always been called"the Old Man Painting".

This is one of my portraits, it is also oil, well all my work is done in oil. I just can't get acrylic to do what I like. It is pretty large. So now I am thinking that I want to start being more detailly, (is that a word?), computer says"no", anyway, more detail and keep the fun color happening too. Theo, I love being all loosey with paint. I start a new painting tomorrow morning, I will keep you posted.
Have a lovely day! Amy


Anonymous said...

You're a very talented painter. I wish I was that proficient when I was 17, or now even!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. EDM is 'Everyday Matters' which is an online group for bloggers that are interested in drawing. Each week they post a new challenge (or suggestion) for people to draw. I've put a link in that post in my blog now, so if you click on it, it'll take you to the EDM site.:)

Mary said...

Amy - welcome to this new world where you can share your art with us. Thanks for visiting my web log (I dislike the blog word too!) ACROSS THE POND and leaving such a nice comment.

Wow, you are an amazing artist and it looks like you've painted just about everything in every medium. I love live theatre and always admire the scenery.
I only paint furniture these days - but used to work in an advertising/art studio which gave me new insight into art and artists.
I love Carl Larsson - have bought the wall calendar every year for as far back as I can remember - and have framed several prints. Jessie Willcox Smith is another favorite - I plan to post more on her soon. Some of your 'childhood paintings' remind me of her work.

We visit the Art Museum in Richmond whenever in town - last time was in July of last year when we showed our granddaughter the Faberge collection. Great museum - and will be even better when they complete the renovations!

Have a great week ~ Mary.

curlytop said...

Amy! How wonderful to meet my first blogging friend. Luckily I'm quite friendly with the library staffs so the tend to "forget" to charge me at times. :)

Let me just say that you're Father painting puts me to shame. The clock is ticking and the date when I become legal is looming closer and closer. Looks like I'd better get busy!

Be sure to keep in touch and check out Curly Top every once in a while.


closed account said...

Dear Amy, just a little comeent to say to you...WOW !!!I am so impressed by your old man painting, it is amazing the colours are so beautiful, just like a n old master this one, you are extremly talented Amy.
Missing our wee chTS, BUT WILL BW BACK SOON, WILL EMAIL YOU TOO, soory caps locked there!!
I am getting in with my work but most days just hit a brain block, so i'ts a bit the photos of your wee noses, they are beautiful girls, and by the photo you posted earlier take it from youAmy, all my love Kath, miserable in Scotland..xxxx

Unknown said...

Wow! The old man painting is awesome.
I like hearing that someone else finds acrylic to not work for them. I have very little experience painting, but acrylics have never spoken to me and I felt like there was something wrong with me about it.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I really enjoyed your comments and am excited to start reading your blog myself.