Saturday, January 19, 2008

SNOW, the next day!

Mom: Rowan, you are going to get soaking wet!

Rowan: I don't care, I will take a hot bath.

So, this time we did not wear our pajamas inside out.
We tried not to shout it out.
But! Snow was in the air!
This time we tried, not to care.
We got up this morning and went to ballet, it is Saturday,
About our business we did go. We tried not to think of snow.
Out to lunch, as we always go, not thinking about the snow.
To the bookstore we did go, not thinking about the snow.
Out we came with our books in tow.
And what do you know? SNOW!!! by amy

This is a true story. It has not snowed much, but enough to send a little girl out in her nighty to try & build a snowman, with what was out there.So pray for snow, it is a good thing! oxox amy

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closed account said...

Augh Rowan is so sweet, she must be freezing..