Monday, January 21, 2008

It Is Cold!!!

A wonderful snowy day in the country, 2004.
The house in the country. Where we lived for 9 years.

Just a quick note today, as my little fingers are freezing. The kids have a 3 day weekend & are home today. Martin Luther King Day. Because of the holiday, the girls & I had a sleep over at my Moms last night, she lives only about a mile away, but it was Rowans ideal and she had been planning this sleepover for a week. So, because Rowan is going threw a "I can't be away from my Mom" stage in her life, I also got to go to the Granny"s house sleepover.I don't mind, I like cuddling up at my Moms and watching movies. It was nice. But, this morning my husband called, "fuel oil ran out, am ordering more." Oh pooh! We just had some delivered less than a month ago. And it is cold!
Came home to a freezing house. I haven't taken my coat off yet! Our heater unit is old and had to be serviced last month, 187.00$ on top of the oil added, which I don't think we really needed as we had to call the company back because the heater did not fire off after fuel was added. So, again the same situation! But, this time my husband has called a friend over to help, he does this for a living, wish us luck as we freeze our "little tail feathers off!" The heater will have to be replaced before next winter, but hopefully it will last threw this winter.

Did I say quick post? We have lived in this city house for two years now, before that we lived in the country. At the top of this post, you see the house where we lived. We renovated that house.But, our heat came from the wood stove. It took some work, but it heated our old farmhouse very well. I am missing that wood stove today! Fuel oil is so expensive and I really hate feeling so dependent on something that is so costly. The price for heat just keeps going up. I mean really there has to be a better way! Any suggestions? I have been looking into those little electric heaters that are supposed to be energy saving and have a pleasing fireplace look to them.Or maybe getting a pellet stove, they say those are great.
Anyway, our friend has gotten the heater going, thank goodness, I might be able to peel my fisrt layer of clothes off in about an hour. So, I am still frustrated about the whole thing and am going to make it my mission to find an alternative way of warming our home. But really, if anyone out there has found away, please clue me in. Thank you, Amy

Popped back in to say, guess what happened about 2 hours ago? Wow, you guessed it! Thats right, the power went out on our block. What a poohpy day it has been.
I'll be back at the theatre painting tomorrow, hope its a better day! amy

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closed account said...

here Amy, here's some more gloves and
the photos of the kids a re great, and the old house is beautiful, why on earth would you want to leave that house, we are loking for a cottage just now, not too far away because of Hannah's school, but have seen a few nice ones, but a bit too much money, we want to downsize now and try and live mortgage free, so only have a small budget to work with, but if I found a house like that one in your photo I would jump at it

bye again for now, kath x....