Monday, September 29, 2008

Neptune Festival

About two months ago my Bestest Girlfriend, Leslie asked me if I wanted to join her at the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach & enter the annual sand sculpting contest. I said~Sure~

I have known Leslie since we were freshmen at V.C.U.~ hmmm 1979~ we have been friends for 29 years. We were in the art school, we are both little petite lady's. In fact that is the first thing she ever said to me, we were standing in the elevator going up to our rooms~ me all arty, with my gauzy shirts and my Leslie all preppy looking, (she was from Charlettsville) . Anyway~ she looks at me & says, "Hey, do you like being short?" ~ I am like~ what ever, little girl in your plaid pants & matching headband. ~~ Not two long after that there was a situation involving a fellow named Fred~ who apparently liked petite girls. Because one evening Leslie came to my room to let me know that he had asked her out, we were talking about him~ when poor Fred knocked on my door...what a shock for him & the rest is history. ;) Poor, Poor Fred.
Leslie & I have been best friends ever since.~ Our friendship has grown & changed as we have gone about our lives~ but~ we are always there for each other. As you get older corny sayings like "always there for each other" don't seem so corny.

So~ about the contest~ we didn't win~ but we didn't go to win. We went to have fun. Really we did. It was Les's ideal, she has an amazing talent for wipping out sand cat sculptures. She has been making them for years. Les's only daughter Maria, is all 23 years old , so Les gets to jet off to Jamaica and different beaches on her vacations. So, this is the first time I saw her in action. ~ My job was to do the lettering. Virginia is for Lovers.~ But, right beside the Lovers, leslie sculpted a cat~ So, & people did get it~ it reads, Virginia is for cat Lovers. It was so much fun.
I had never carved letters in the sand, but, I just went for it & I think we did fabulously!

We have decided that we will do it again next year.

Oh~ & Leslie did lose the plaid , like 28 1/2 years ago
.She really wasn't preppy at all ;)


LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

What a fun festival, Amy! Love what you did with the cat sculpture! You are lucky to have such a long-time friend. My bestest passed away last year from cancer and I will never be able to replace her. Have a great week! LuLu

Susan said...

Amy, y'all Chicks did great! A preppie from C'ville, what a surprise! I'll bet you two were a hoot. Your lettering was perfect. I am glad you girls are still close. Take care. Susan

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thanks Susan~
No, Les was not a real prep, she was just into that matchy~matchy preppie style for awhile.Mostly left overs from high school days. But~ she had bunches of it. Even the patchwork pants. We laugh about it now.;)
I need to post some old pictures of us~ we were cute.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Oh Lulu~ I am so sorry~
I can't imagine not being able to call Les.~Amy~

Diane Duda said...

How did you not win?!? I love it!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Sweet Di~
Well if there were a "children's Choice Award"' we would have nailed it.
But~ there were some awesome sculptures out there.Ours was in the amateur division.
The experts sculptures were just amazing.
But~ there was a very cheery mood from everyone.It was so much fun.

Leslie Rubio said...

Yes we did have a great time and we learned alot too! My aching bones-who knew we would need 5 1/2 hours to get that sand sculpture done? I thought we did a wonderful job and even though we didn't win, I'm going to say I liked ours best of all. Thanks so much for being my friend and for joining me on the sand sculpture adventure Amy. I love you!

P.S. I'm not offended by being called a preppy. Most definetely a C'ville thing! Clothes don't make the person as they say. You know I wouldn't be caught dead in those outfits now!

Remember when I had the yard sale and sold all that preppy stuff
(1981)? Found out about Thrift stores and got a whole new wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Love the sand sculptures and the story of you and Leslie! It's nice to have a Bestest Girlfriend.


SweetB said...

Hey Amy, Good to see you added some new stuff to your etsy. I always did say you had such a nice style. I also have a blog though I don't update very often. I do have pictures of the mural painting I did for my daughters nursery at Barb at

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pics, beautiful sculptures.

Ring by Ring Designs said...

Amy, I was there and saw you and Leslie making your sculpture. We were on vacation and watched the whole thing from our balcony. Such a great job you did. The others may have been somewhat bigger but they had LOTS more people helping. Just the two of you! My husband were amazed at what you accomplished. That was before I "met" Leslie on line. I like your theme too. Maybe we'll see you next year. Bev