Friday, August 29, 2008


Remembering ~ That, I took part in this ~ I sculpted the head of this Goddess of Liberty.
It was summer, 1989~ I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1984, BFA~
I was asked to sculpt her head.~ It really was an amazing moment. I say moment~ because, it was that fast. The V.C.U. Art students & graduates wanted & felt they needed to do something to honor the Art Students that had lost their lives in the Tiananmen Square Tragedy.
It was a very crazy ~ yet very organized two days.(click)
Now~ Please remember~ that I am ~ the Mom who sent her oldest son to China last summer.
And~ the really amazing thing is ~ that I was only weeks , pregnant with Gabriel at the time that I took part in this.
I have my own pictures of this day.The best are the pictures of how this very large & beautiful lady was lifted.
People ~ stopped their cars & got out & helped her get lifted up. She was on long, strong steal
rope and had to be pulled up to standing.

I have to say~ it was~ really beautiful to watch.
I remember how I felt. ~Amy~


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hi ya amy...iv lost ur email and thi laptop wont let me use ur link on ur blogg as i have no outlook express for it ..its Amy's lap top im just using it for a little while ..u will def be able to reach me on my hotmail emails
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Anthony VanArsdale said...

Amy, this is Beautiful! Thank you for posting this! that's so amazing that you were a part of it... and made the head!!! Whoa!

I had seen the pottery on your blog before, but I thought you had collected it! did you use a potter's wheel? I love the textures and colors

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thanks Anthony~
It really was an amazing experience.
No~ those pots were hand built.
I want to take a pottery class again. I enjoy it so much.~Amy~

Susan said...

Amy, your post and the link brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful memory to have. You are a pretty cool chick. Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post. Something good to remember.