Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olymics !

~~~~my son, Gabriel in China~~~~

~~~my Gabriel~~~

The Opening Ceremony's for the Olympics are tonight!
So, I thought I would share some of the pictures that my oldest son, Gabriel, took when he went to China last summer. Yes, we sent our 17,( @ the time), year old son to China last summer.
He was part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program. I was very brave, because I wanted him to have this fantastic, once in a life time experience.
And, he loved it! If your child is ever offered this chance, the program goes all over the world, and you can make it happen, do it. I am not sure how, but, we made it happen for Gabriel and I am so happy we did.
I think tonight we will have to have some Chinese food for dinner. Even tho we know that the Chinese we get here is not the real thing. Like I was telling Jack,(he is going in April of next year) I am very proud of my son, because he tried and enjoyed the food that was so beautifully placed before him. A lot of the kids said they lived on fruit & rice during their visit.
I am really looking forward to watching the Olympics. So, I need to get going & get what I need to make those egg rolls. ~~~Enjoy~~~ Amy~~~

~~~~~Sunday Morning~~~~~WOW~ WOW~WOW~~~~~
That was the most amazing show I have ever watched!!!
We ordered our Chinese food. My dear friend Leslie came over and WOW! what a show.
I was so excited, I called friends & family to make sure they were not missing it. I left too many comments on poor Jack's blog, sorry Jack.
How did they do all of this? Just amazing ! My kids were glued to what they were seeing. "That was so cool !" They were completely amazed.
Click here for some high lights of the show. I managed to say AMAZED 3 times in this post, well it was "just amazing"!
~~~~have a lovely Sunday~~~~Amy~~~~


Susan said...

What a wonderful opportunity. These pictures are great. Have you done any paintings from his photos? I especially love the bottom one. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Oh Susan, he came home with hundreds of pictures. He was so amazing, and happy, we were so happy that we did this and proud. His chaperons said to us, that if they could give a People to People Student Ambassador Award, they would have picked Gabriel.He was open & helpful the whole time.I am the Mom to really wonderful children, no doubt.
No, but, you are so right,he did a great job taking pictures. And, he himself is a wonderful artist. And, he has all my "bobo's" to learn from.
I need too paint from them.I have so many paintings to do. But, for Gabriel & you, I will paint a painting from these photos.And, for myself, tooooo!
Thank you, Susan for all you do for me.
Which is, more than you know.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Gabriel got to travel to China, especially at that age. I think it changes one's perspective on the world -- in a really positive way.

Yes, the Opening Ceremony was awesome. My favorite part though is watching the March of Nations (is that what it's called?)

Love all the photos you've posted. The one that gave me a good laugh is the sign in front of the store. ;-)


Frank Gardner said...

I enjoyed the photos of China as well. I would love to go someday.
Love the marketing of that sign.

hj said...

Great show!
Lucky is your son!
Nice pictures and blog!