Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I sold my first piece on ebay! I did, I really did. So, I have just listed this little angel, holding morning glory's.
I needed this little boost.
Anyway, I have also been working on a portrait too, which I will post very soon.

I do have a funny story to share. On my travels up & down the highway last month, I drive past the exit to my old neighborhood. Well, on one return trip, I decided to pull off and drive past my old house. I haven't gone into my old neighborhood in years.My two daughters, Rowan & Hannah were with me. We slowly drove past the little ranch style house where I , "mostly", grew up. Hannah said ,"kinda small, isn't Mom?". Yep, a 3 bedroom ranch, that housed 7 children & my parents. "Girl room" , "boy room". Anyway, as I drove around the corner, it was a corner lot. I could see all the trees we had planted, not much had changed. And, much to my surprise I spotted the shed, over in the corner of the back yard.The surprise was that, it was put up some 19 years ago, and when it was, my mom asked me to paint something on it. Well, I painted this :
And, it is still there! My mom moved away from this little house like, 11 years ago, a few years after my dad died. I think there has been at least two different owners, since the Gethins clan lived there. (Gethins is my maiden name) Anyway, I got out of my car and took pictures of it. Actually, I had forgotten all about this little shed. My mom had a herb and flower garden all around it when she lived there. But, I thought it was funny that no one had decided to paint over it. The house had a fresh coat of paint, but not the little shed. Now, that tickled me. ~~~~~Amy~~~~~


Susan said...

Congrats on the sale! What a sweet surprise to find your painting still in such fabulous condition after all this time. I'm glad no one painted over it.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thanks Susan, it was a nice surprise ! :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to paint over that lovely painting either. Congrats on your sale!


Anonymous said...

P.S. Love the angel paintings.


Diane Duda said...

of course no one painted over it! it's beautiful!!!

congratulations on your ebay sale. there's no stopping you now! :)


ArtGirl said...

HOw very cool that it has stayed there all these years! I always wonder where our art will end up many many years from now. How neat that some of yours stands proudly in someone's yard. Great on the sale! I have never been able to sell anything on there :-p

Jack Riddle said...

Amy--love the story about the shed--and I have to say I wouldn't paint over it either. Must have given you a nice feeling! jack

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you dear friends, for your kind words.
I am feeling so much better these days. I hate to admit it, but, this has been a pretty "poopy" summer.
And, here it is coming to an end.
And, we have not really even gone anywhere to celebrate summer.
But, I keep reminding myself to count my many blessings.And, as sad as it may be, that can be hard at times.
And, "Thank You" again for adding to my blessings,with you thoughtful words.~~~Amy~~~

Julia said...

Hooray for Amy! Maybe eBay will be your ticket to success! I just love your angels. Is this a sales niche in the making? You are fabulous and I'm happy to call you a friend:)

Carol B. said...

Congratulations on your Ebay Sale! That is sooooo cool! With your beautiful work you deserve it! I know your success will continue. :):)
Carol B.

Frank Gardner said...

That is amazing that you could go by and find this still there. What an honor that they had not painted over it.
I would have left it too.

Diane said...

Hi Amy! Good to meet you earlier today. I love your blog and your art and your attitude. Every time I have to do an artist's statement I really just want to say "I paint." You know what I mean. Look me up at I don't know if you like abstract or not, but you will sure get an eye full at the site. best regards, later, diane