Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer's End

Look at what I saw when I walked into my kitchen. From our garden & neighbors gardens. I made that plum jam. It is yummy. There was a plum tree across the street from my sisters house, heavy with plums. She made jam, I think everyone on the street collected plums from
that tree. Rowan & I went and returned home with baskets of plums. That is summer. Summer setting on my kitchen counter. Tomato sandwiches. Plum jam. Squash casserole.
I will freeze most of these tomato's for the winter.

Here is a little Angel I just finished. I really enjoyed painting him. I love his little hand in his pocket. I am not sure why I decided to give him a pocket. But, I like it & seems to suit him. He has such a gentle calm about him. He will be on ebay by tonight. Setting & painting these Angels in the evening has made my so happy.
I am also working on a portrait. I don't think I should post it, because it is a gift.I don't want to spoil anything.


Anonymous said...

Mighty good-looking tomatoes and zucchini and a beautiful angel.


Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you Paz!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Beautiful Angel, Amy! the pocket does suit him and I love the little lamb

very soothing

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you , Anthony.
I have enjoyed painting these Angels so much.~Amy~